Hey all!

    So, thank you all for taking the time to visit our new website and check out this blog spot! I am thrilled to even have the opportunity to blog like this to keep you guys updated on what is new with Cut Hair Studio!
    We think we may have found the perfect spot to open the studio right in the heart of Flemington! My husband is still working through the negotiation of the lease, but it is looking pretty promising! We are both really stoked on the way things are coming along in the meantime though! All of our furniture is being custom made as I type this, by some talented friends of ours! Everything else such as business cards, menus, etc. we’re ready to pull the trigger on too as soon as this lease gets signed and we have a set address!

    I really want to thank ALL of you for your loyalty to me during this career transition and just the patience you’ve had with me too!! I know it isn’t the most ideal situation to not get the whole experience of being in a hair studio, but I promise it will be made up for when we open our doors!

    Seriously, the second we find out anything about us moving forward, you’ll be the first to know! This is such a huge blessing to be able to live out our dreams of opening a hair studio and provide these services for you! I can hardly believe that we are able to do this at our age, but we know it’s right and it seems to be the perfect timing. So, keep checking back for updates and I promise they’ll hit this blog as well as the facebook page as soon as possible!
    Love you guys!

    May 19, 2012