Well this is awesome, I am currently sitting in a black chair in the middle of “Cut” as my husband, Peach, [whom you’ll meet at some point very soon] finishes the painting in here! The hair studio is coming along quite nice if you ask me! Its becoming more and more real with each passing day. Every time we get something new shipped to us in the mail, its as exciting as Christmas morning! All that’s left to wait for are the permits from the town which should be coming super soon! After that we can bring in our contractors to install lighting and hook up the sinks! We also have to wait for the state to inspect us, but that should be pretty easy!

    I enjoy doing all the little details such as chap stick with our logo on it, bags, pens etc. Because it’s always cool to get those things as a customer – or at least I think so!! Oh and picking out what music I can buy to play in here, that’s what makes my heart beat fast! haha.. So that’s how I have been spending my free time, doing all the small things!

    We are also working toward doing a photo shoot sometime in Sept. for more photos on the website in my portfolio! That is really exciting to me because I will be coloring, cutting and styling everyone’s hair in the shoot – and real people too, not professional models. I also get to spend a whole day with one of my best friends who lives in the city as a professional wedding photographer, she’s just brilliant. if you want to check out some of her work! It should be fun. I will certainly post photos of the shoot when we get to that point.

    That’s all the updating I can do at this point, but keep checking back for more blog posts, soon video blogs and hair tutorials as well as photos updates! 🙂

    September 4, 2012