Frank and Joy Warner

    Last night, We had an amazing opportunity and privilege to sit with our Friends and Hair Industry Hero’s Frank and Joy Warner from (Frank Anthony Salon.) It was spectacular… goals, vision casting, industry technique and business advice were absorbed by Danielle and I. This was better than any education class, seminar, or conversation we could ask for.

    Frank and Joy have been in this industry for over 40 years… Joy Warner, a Master colorist, designer, salon owner, has worked on national platforms, along side of Frank. She has instilled purpose and inspired so many employee’s and others in this industry. And as I listened to Frank pour out stories of Sassoon, Mitchell, and other major legends, I noticed something about him. This man may not have been in People Mag, on Billboards or his product line bought out by P&G, but he has been everywhere, with everybody, and I’m sure he could have done anything. Frank chose to stay back and choose a path less recognized. He grew and inspired his staff, poured into people, and continues to listen to and truly love his clients.

    As we came home, winded down and our heads hit the pillow the most important message we walked away with surfaced. We were reminded by Frank “We have opportunities guys.. as designers we can listen and touch people like no other industry.” As Frank’s statement rung in our heads, it began to remind, reinforce, and refresh us on why our mission statement is “To Serve and Love People Through artisan. hair. design.”

    To anyone reading, go visit Frank’s Salon (Frank Anthony Salon and Spa – Chester, NJ). We know that this sounds weird to refer potential clients, and even existing clients, to visit another salon, but we know you will be treated the way God intended professionals and people to be treated. Hair grows again and you can always come back :), but listen, people “don’t grow back”.. and THAT is the core of this company to make sure you are “Loved and Served.”

    Lastly, CUT artisan. hair. design. wants to publicly honor Frank and Joy for your years and years of service to our wonderful industry and thousand of people you touched. You have changed this world and if you doubt that, you have changed US… You are Legends.

    November 29, 2012