It’s Not About the Hair

    This next month alone we will be providing services for proms, weddings, sweet 16 parties, funerals, job interviews and day-to-day life. It is so amazingly humbling that when our guests are planning all these events I can be a small part of their special day and that they want me to be.

    This past month alone, I don’t know what it is, but I have had several people come in do make a big change in their hairstyles. I have had about 4 people cut off 8 inches or more of their hair to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Not only are my guests trusting me to make one big change for them, but to do it well.

    One of my most powerful experiences this past month was one of my beautiful guests came in to donate her hair. I knew she was ready for the change and excited to donate whatever hair she could to help make a wig for a cancer patient in need. When I asked her why she was in need of a change from her long beautiful dark hair, she smiled and told me she was starting her chemotherapy tomorrow morning and was expecting to lose all of her hair. I could have cried when she told me that, but she seemed so confident that she would be healed and this was just the first step to get there. She then proceeded to tell me her story of how this is her second time fighting this deadly disease, but the first time was in high school. She had to undergo the same procedures and treatments she is doing now, but 20 years ago as a teenager. Ugh I cannot imagine having to lose my hair now as a 25 year old, but she was in high school, when kids are brutal and image is everything!

    Hearing this story made me remember some things. Hair is not the end-all-be-all. Although, hair is what I do and I am so extremely passionate about it, it is not eternal. Hair could be a powerful tool that can make us feel so beautiful or completely awful. I am blessed to have the gift of providing services for my guests and making them feel beautiful even when they are battling so much internally and in their daily lives. Everyone has a story, and I love being able to hear it. Popular stereotype on hair salons is there is a ton of gossip and negativity that goes on in there. At CUT artisan. hair. design. we strive to make a stand to go against the natural expectation and create a new culture in the industry. We adore that our studio is a place where people can come, relax, feel loved and accept love.

    At the end of the day I can truly sit back and say “Its not about the hair”. I look forward to loving the unloved in this world and making them feel like they’re a part of something, that they be accepted. We can all do this, it doesn’t have to be by doing hair, but just by loving one another and doing to others as you would like to have done onto you. One small gesture can change someone’s entire life. We have the power to offer love, why not share it to all?


    April 12, 2013



    Just read this…how timely…I will be visiting someone, today, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. When I was getting ready for cancer treatment, the Bible verse from Matthew 10:29-31 ….”but the very hairs of your head are numbered…do not fear….” In my journal I wrote, “God is aware of every detail of our lives. God was aware of every hair that fell as my hair hit the floor…and HE will carry me thought this”. In 1 Timothy 2:9-10 , i was reminded that it is not the adorning of our hair that matters, but rather,”means of good works,”. Danielle and Peach…you have found a wonderful way to use your talents as a means of good works….you realize it really isn’t all about the hair. Thank you for being here to minister to all of us…in good and bad times…whether in your place of business, or through your blogs, FB, and personal contact.

    Just beautiful! Written from the heart and every word was so very true. Keep up the great work- you touch the lives of so many every single day. God Bless.

    Beautiful sentiments and amen!


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