Fall Is Here

    As we are almost out of October and into November, there is a lot of excitement generating throughout the studio. As I just celebrated my 26th birthday we also celebrated CUT’s one year anniversary! October 16th marked an important day for us seeing as a lot has gone on here in the last year. We really only have YOU to thank for that. Without you, I would just be a girl with a razor. You’re amazing and have helped motivate me and inspire me to do what I do. Any who, We have met our goals and are looking forward to the year to come.

    With these goals comes some great change. I spent a lot of the last year in NYC with Nick Arrojo and his team crafting my technique and learning some things new. I truly value my education and think it was worth every last penny I paid to be at those classes. With that, I will be increasing my pricing at the hair studio. We believe the price increase will better meet the value of a haircut from an “Elite Designer”. You can locate the new pricing in our “menu” section of our website soon. You will receive notice before the new pricing kicks into full effect.

    We are also proud to announce the entry of the newest member to the CUT team, Jess! She has been a part of our team for several months now, apprenticing under me and plunging headfirst into our culture. After months of attending classes in and out of NYC and having her pass her evaluation with Brian & Tracy Grieves-Smith [who partner with us on our creative team board], we are excited to welcome her to the floor as a CUT Designer! Jess will take on my previous pricing and I am confident she will be more then capable of providing any services you’d need! She is a brilliant designer and you can find more information about her and her training in her bio [which will be posted soon] ! She is looking forward to seeing and serving you!

    I was just about to have the privilege to serve at the women’s prison in Clinton NJ this past monday. It was a fabulous time, chatting with the women who are in the cosmetology program and who wish to jump start their careers once they start their new lives and leave the prison. It was truly a blessing with such beautiful women. I am so thankful for that!

    We have all sorts of opportunities around this time of year to get YOU involved. We will be hosting a very fun charitable event in our studio in late November. Details on that will be released soon, but it is something dear to both mine and Peach’s heart. Not only that, but we will be doing our food drive collection here at the studio! You are able to bring in [as many as you want] jars, cans, boxes of non perishable foods which will be donated to the Flemington Food Pantry right before thanksgiving! This will be in full effect all of November and we would love for you to bring as much as you can! There is an endless need of food right in our own neighborhood. So please consider partnering with us in this!

    CUT is excited about the things to come as we continue growing and welcoming new faces through our doors and in our business. We will have some other new things we will be working into our structure shortly!Keep checking back and seeing whats new for the next year!

    With Love,


    October 24, 2013




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