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    Fall seems to be a busy time of year for everyone. Its back to school, back to work, new schedules, new projects, busy time for retail, wrapping up the year.. the list goes on! I can say that CUT artisan. hair. design. joined that beautiful chaos this fall as well!

    A week ago we worked hard and put together our annual fall photo shoot. What a fun event that is for our CUT team! We made inspiration/mood boards, picked out models and hair styles that have inspired us. We mapped out a 6 hour work day, models coming and going, wardrobe changes, photographers in and out, bobby pins hitting the floor and hair spray in the air. It’s a fast paced day in the studio fueled by inspiration and motivation. Seeing each of those models walk out the door with the photographers as they hit the street I could honestly say I was throughly impressed by each style I saw from me and my fellow apprentices. We had a fun day and we’re looking forward to sharing the photos with you as soon as we get them! These photos will be displayed around the studio as we switch them out for the new year and will be put on our website in the “portfolio” section as well!

    The photo shoot was planned around a bigger event we were pulling together in that same week! We had Nick Arrojo come to Flemington on behalf of CUT artisan. hair. design.! We hosted the event at the Grape Finale with Blue Fish Grill as our caterers. I cannot even express my gratitude to everyone who came out to that night and enjoyed the wine, food and presentation that Nick put on for us! My thankfulness also must extend to all our fabulous volunteers.. models, set up & clean up crew, ticket girls and of course our photographers. [ ]. Nick showed different styling tips and tricks to everyone in that audience with our three live models [and one he pulled from the audience]! Everyone learned new ways to make their morning routine easier and had a chance to buy the product line we love – ARROJO! We all had a blast and are really looking forward to doing something fun like this again. Really though, thank you for coming out if you did!

    On top of all this event planning, I have made my way in and out of the city a few times this past month for education. I went to a fabulous editorial styling class with Tim D. of Arrojo [He is one of the stylists on the hit show Project Runway] and Amanda J. who does the hair for a lot of popular rock bands including Kings of Leon. You could only imagine the creative juices those two have flowing through them! I learned a lot from this class, everything from your basic polished pony tail to a high fashioned curly hair style. It was so fun! I also attended a hairstylist event [Arrojo Expo] which was a great way to see what is trending outside of Flemington! And I will be attending a hair painting class this coming weekend. Going into the city is inspiring in itself and I get to spend some time rubbing shoulders with some of the finest in the industry.

    As we approach the month of October, I know our one year anniversary of being open is coming soon. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. We will be doing some new stuff this upcoming year, new photos on the wall – both hair photos and art work! With that, make sure you check out our artist gallery right now! A friend and client of mine, Alexis Milo, has her beautiful work on the wall and it is all for sale! Anyway, stay tuned to see what fun things we will have in the studio for the month of October to celebrate our one year anniversary of CUT artisan. hair. design. 🙂

    Take care & love your hair! xoxo

    October 1, 2013




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