Hey guys! Happy February!… Almost March! This is officially my first blog!

    Hi! I am Jess ,
    I have been so blessed to have joined in the CUT team this past August. I have gotten to meet many of you since then, and look forward to meeting all of you. It has been a blessing being a part of this team to say the least.
    So! … I would like to share two highlights that are un-hair related from this past year. I am married, my man’s name is Chris, and he is a  fantastic man. We love the outdoors, adventures, and traveling. One place we hoped to visit together was Israel.  Guess what!? A trip opportunity with some friends arose. We got to go this past November. I am very thankful, and feel very blessed. Another fun highlight, we got to go back country backpacking out in Wyoming = it was beautiful.

    Back to hair!
    We have an Exciting year in store. Danielle and I are looking forward to our education this year, and its already begun! I got the pleasure of going to Arrojo in NYC for a two day cut and color inspiration class, and boy were they inspiring. It was a wonderful way to start off my year here. Next up is men’s 2 day cutting classes at Arrojo, And Danielle will be in NYC for the International Beauty Show! Spring is around the corner, and even with all of this snow you guys have been SUCH troopers making it over and letting us get our hands on your lovely hair. Thank you guys for being such wonderful clients!

    Items I just have to chat about –
    Since beginning here I have gotten my hands on some amazing hair tools. One of then being our bio-ionic blow dryer , and holy cow I am in love . It is a perfect weight and size in my opinion and I have been enjoying using it . We do sell them in our studio and we offer a 2 year warranty.  Also, if I have gotten to play with your hair, most likely you have heard about our brushes we carry. Because well, quite honestly I am hooked. They are boar’s hair bristle and we have difference sizes. Great thing about this bristle is that it takes your natural hair oils and distributes them evenly throughout, which helps hydrate and smooth down frizz. Depending on size , medium is my favorite. If you are desiring a nice fancy bouncy finish.

    If any of you ever want blow out tips or tricks we would love to chat with you, check out your hair and try to best to help you if you have certain questions.  Anyways. I hope each of you have an awesome day. Oh! Important! If you have been in the studio and had a good experience while you were here, please like us on Facebook.

    Also, if you have been in and have not had a five -star experience – please contact . I would love to hear your feedback and what we can do to improve your time here, so please email me at I would love to connect with you and work toward making your next time a five star visit.

    Hope you have a blessed day


    February 24, 2014




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