Summer Trends and The Event Of The Year

    Summer is breezing right past us! It’s hard to believe that July is winding down and before you know it we will be stepping into Fall! I sincerely hope everyone is taking full advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with thus far.

    With Fall approaching quickly, we are stoked to announce that we will be hosting another CUT trend event this September! Mark your calendars for Sept. 26 at 7pm. We’re hosting a high energy, cat-walk event right at the Stangl Factory in Flemington! Keep an eye out for sneak peeks, updates, and videos to give hints to this year’s classiest event! Ticket presale will be available shortly! Only 200 spots, so make sure you and your friends get the tickets before they’re gone!

    Fortunately we have been blessed with an abundant amount of new guests to the studio the past few months. How great it has been to see new faces and get to know the person under the hair. With that, my book has filled up tremendously and I only have you to thank. Until further notice, I will no longer be taking new guests in my book, however, Jess has very gifted hands and is more then capable of providing a great service for anyone. We believe that this will hopefully increase the opportunity for my loyal guests to schedule appointments with more ease. Also, we will be closed August 2-9 and will reopen on Tuesday, August 12. And apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I am really looking forward to a little vacation time!

    As for the hair department of my blog, I want to talk about trends. Trends are basically a general direction of which something is changing or developing. I love everything that is trending right now for both ladies and gentlemen. Ladies, the soft, natural lines and natural texture in a haircut are super hot right now [rather then blunt lines, straight hair] I have been using my razor to create a lot of these looks. Which is ironic because I am finding the opposite with the gents. A lot of fades, the classic 50’s in-place-just-so-look with a generous amount of Imperial product to keep it in place seems to be what the gents have been asking for. Both of these designs I am totally digging this summer!
    As far as color goes, foils are almost a thing of the past! To go along with the soft, natural texture of the haircuts, we have been doing a lot of free-hand painting [also know as balayage] for a beautiful pop of color, with more of a muted effect rather then the result with foils [which I still love]. It’s a striking, subtle way to enhance a great haircut! Feel free to ask either Jess or I about scheduling some hair painting to brighten your summer for your next appointment!

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon, remember to enjoy the wonderful days that are now upon us! Before you know it, we will all be complaining about the 30 degree days and snow covered grounds. Happy Summer!

    With Love,


    July 11, 2014




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