October Trends and Julianne!

    October is here already?! Its shocking to just type it out here on the computer. Anyway, I am feeling incredibly inspired by the gorgeous fall foliage we’re seeing and the crisp, cool air we’re feeling.

    As most of you know, CUT just hosted its second annual CUT Trend Event! What a brilliant night. How incredibly exciting it was sharing the stage with lead hair designers Nick Arrojo, Tim Duenas, Brian Grieves and the rest of our team! Our event was hosted at the Stangl Factory space next to our newest endeavor, Factory Fuel Co. right in Flemington, NJ. Blue Fish Grill catered the event while Grape Finale assisted us in serving the wine we bottled and labeled over at their facility! We started the night with Nick and Tim showcasing some cool trends and giving some styling advice that our guests could take home with them.
    The second half of the evening was spent with Jess and myself [Danielle] on the stage with a high energy runway walk with four models. Our models were inspired by the old testament women in the Bible. We took our inspiration and turned it into some beautiful, creative looks to share with our guests. The evening ended with the talented Eric Mintel Quartet so we could continue mingling and carrying out the night!
    Thank you to everyone who came out to join us on this special night and to those of you who made it all possible!



    October is a fun month for us. We will be celebrating our two year anniversary on my 27th birthday: October 16th. These two years FLEW by! So many wonderful blessings have come our way. As we launch into this new season, I am pleased to announce Julianne as our newest colorist officially on the floor! She is CUT certified to serve all our guests in all color services now! We have slowly been building her over the last several months, and she tested out last Tuesday with flying colors [no pun intended]! We are proud to have her step up to that next level and are confident in her ability to provide exceptional service.
    As I sit here and type this, I have my sliding glass door open with a beautiful soft breeze flowing through the screen. I love this time of year as far as trends go. I have been darkening many of my colors as we dive into fall. This year I am seeing lots of reds, golds and rich chocolate browns. However, I have also been doing a fair share of cooler shades as well, which I am loving. On Saturday I painted a dark ash brown base onto one of my gorgeous clients and painted a very cool ash blonde on her ends to create a cool ombre. Very happy with the results, I am hoping to have the opportunity to do this look again!
    Hoping to see you all soon and hoping you enjoy this beautiful season!
    October 2, 2014




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