How has it already been one month since I have written a blog? How is it that tomorrow is the eve of Thanksgiving? I’m not complaining, [I love this season] but it’s hard not to wonder where the time goes.

    Reason one [of many] why Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays is because it’s simply a time of reflection. What am I thankful for? Cliche, but c’mon, this life is tough enough and we all need to add as much joy and optimism as possible! Since this is a blog on a Hair Studio website we can keep with the theme. I am thankful for my innovation and creativity that drives my business every day. I am thankful for a wonderful team of ladies who I can share those gifts with. I am thankful for my beautiful clients who trust me enough to let those creative juices flow each time they come and see me. Glory be to God for providing all the above, but props to those who support me as well!

    These next 30 days between now and Christmas are a whirlwind. Decorating, parties, gifts, wrapping, looking good, shopping, eating, exercising, entertaining… the list goes on. So here we are, able to help you with a few of those things listed. Alyssa, our brilliant Client Relations Leader and current Manager of CUT thought up a clever idea of a “gift grabber”. She packaged together a variety of products you could purchase for your loved ones [men and/or women] to fulfill each of their needs! For example just a few packages we offer are “Moisturizing” or “Men’s Shave”. It would be all the essentials you’d need to aid in achieving your desired look! Not only that, but when you’re buying it in this glorious bundle you’re basically getting one product for free because of all the savings. Don’t have anyone to buy it for? What the heck, buy yourself one, you deserve it.
    We also have gift certificates that can be used for any amount you’d like to write them out for. Perfect for stocking stuffers or dropping a hint to the co-worker who just needs a little extra loving! We will be working all of our normal business hours this month, with the addition of Monday Dec. 22 from 3-8pm. and even Christmas Eve from 10am-2pm! 🙂 Drop in whenever!

    One last thing, but super cool. Nick Arrojo is visiting CUT again! Dec. 3 from 9am-12pm he will be arriving and providing a bit of product education to our team as well as consulting with 15 lucky CUT guests. We are thrilled to have him back to Flemington for the second time this year and look forward to another big day as it is swiftly approaching! I’ll make sure to post a few photos!

    Thank you for all your support during this season – you sure do more than you think you do in helping us get through it! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    November 26, 2014




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