Winter Events and Groundhog’s Day!

    Counting down the days until Spring? Me too, trust me. In fact, I started counting down the days right after Thanksgiving! Can’t come soon enough. However, there is something about the beautiful colors that seem to appear this time of year. Everything is cooled down in tonality. The bark on the trees isn’t so rich, its muted just a tad. Or even when the ice freezes on the trees it seems to cast a mauve-like hue to it that compliments the rest of its surroundings so well. However, on a nightly basis as I stand outside and breathe in cool air to only release the warmth from my body right back into it, that sunset has a way of capturing my attention so well that I don’t even notice I am freezing cold. Those indescribable warm tones blending perfectly into one another, so flawless that you can’t tell where one ends and another begins makes my head spin.
    Can you feel the passion and inspiration boiling up inside me? I’ve been incredibly thankful lately that my clients have allowed me to take these seasonal color pallets and play around on their hair. I love when someone sits down, and lets my creativity flow out on them, while still maintaining the desires of their own hearts. Its a truly beautiful gift. This winter I have had a lot of fun in being able to fulfill my creative desires on my clients, while still having them leave feeling great – it’s a win-win.
    As much as I have been enjoying the colors going on around me, I am anxiously awaiting the next season, the latest trends. I look forward to the new colors, the new shapes and warmth this spring will bring me. I love how something like nature can inspire me so much and bleed into the one thing I do the most and love so much – hair.

    Welp, the groundhog told us we have six weeks to go so I have to wait it out. Until then, feeling good about what I’m doing.

    CUT is growing in new ways and I am really excited! March 31 we will be having our newest endeavor of a business symposium for hair dressers and business minded people alike! More details to come on that soon!! Thats going to be awesome – open to the public, we will let you know how to purchase tickets! ALSO! CUT sponsored Feed The Need through a ministry called “Feed My Starving Children”. Its a wonderful organization that helps feed people in starving countries and bad situations. We will be helping pack 2 MILLION meals this year!! So check it out on my church’s website to see how you can help:
    CUT is also sponsoring another amazing local event right in Flemington! “Ladies Take the Stage” which will consist of 4 amazing musicians, some local and some touring up here from Nashville. This is going to be an awesome show! It will be at Stangl Factory [next to Factory Fuel]! Good times… I’ll be there!
    Hope to see you out to all these cool events!! And looking forward to playing with your hair! 🙂
    February 3, 2015




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