Hair Tips and Shampoo Do’s and Dont’s

    Ask and you shall receive! I put a feeler out on Facebook to all my clients and friends to hear what secrets and tips you’d like to know about hair and I received a TON of great responses! I will take the opportunity to blog about how I conquer some of the challenges that are more common than you think.

    I was surprised not one person was concerned about their fading color out of all the feedback I got. I am going to assume that is because everyone is using their Arrojo Color Save Shampoo & Conditioner duo, right? Funny, but that’s how I saw my first response going on that, so I think I may just have to roll with it and then address the other challenges you’re foreseeing in your everyday styling! However, I can almost promise that your question may get answered in this blog, so read on.

    My hair has been getting color applied to it for the last 15 years of my life. I can never know everything, nor will I ever try to say that. These ideas and tricks I have figured out along the way truly work for me and may be absolutely ludicrous, but do what’s needed to keep my hair vibrant. Right now for the first time in about ten years I have a not-so-normal color in my hair that needs a little more TLC then a basic color. So, here’s what I do [and don’t]:


    I shampoo at most twice a week. Having long, thick hair is a blessing indeed, but oh is it a chore! To wash and blow dry my hair takes more time then I would like to spend getting ready each morning. Little do you know, when you see me my hair could be 4-5 days dirty! How do I do it? Don’t play. Your hair looks good, let it be. It won’t get flat, it won’t get the oils and dirt from your hands on it and will stay in the shape you put it into. Train your scalp to produce less oil. Our bodies are pretty rad, created by an awesome God who knew what He was doing. If you happen to be a daily shampooer, your body will produce more oil because it’s afraid you’re going to remove it again! It takes time, and patience, but eventually if you start skipping days your scalp will slow down on the speed it produces oil. Arrojo ReFinishing Dry Shampoo will help get you through that day at the gym too! Ask me about it!

    I only wash my scalp. Shampoo is intended for the scalp, conditioner for the ends. Trust me when I say that by just shampooing your scalp you will not only save your color, but save the integrity of your hair as well! No need to dry out the ends of your already fragile hair, the shampoo will find its way to your ends without you rubbing suds all over them. Plus, a lot of conditioners now a days have the capability to do a little cleansing themselves not to mention will be a great perfume to the hair ends!

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    Using the correct products for color-treated hair! I don’t think I knew how much I could love a cosmetic product until I tried Arrojo’s line. We carry the Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner duo which could save you a lot of time, money and grief! Using this combination will keep your color vibrant and radiant until your next appointment [if booked in a timely manner recommended by your designer!]. We also have the Healing Oil and Protective Thickening Lotion which both have UV protectants in them to aid in preventing color from sun fade. You will want to find out more about those when you come see us!

    Last but not least: upkeep! How on earth does Jessica Simpsons hair stay bright and not brassy even with those roots?! Even when she’s not in the hair studio getting a touch up, you bet her personal designer gives her toners and glazes to help keep her hair beautiful!! You never see any celebrities with grey roots, right? If it’s time to get color, there’s no other way then to freshen it up. Unfortunately, color is artificial, its not real, and it will fade away. So even me following these tricks listed above, I still get my touch up done at my base every 7-8 weeks and my green ends every 3 weeks. Oh, the price we pay for beauty. [Its really not that bad and totally worth it!]

    Hope these anti-fading tricks helped some of you beauties! I look forward to hearing which ones you’ve applied to your new routine and how that’s working for you!

    February 26, 2015




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