Hair Trends and Education

    It’s education season here at CUT Artisan Hair Design and that means fun and exciting things for both Designers and Clients alike! Education Tuesday happens every week at CUT Artisan Hair Designs. Designers and apprentices bring in models, either friends or total strangers, who sit back as the talented ladies of CUT showcase their new skills with a cut of their models choosing. Typically lead by Danielle,classes range in topic from color to cuts. Education Tuesdays are always fun, everyone leaves with a new confidence and an increase of knowledge! Win, Win!!!

    Education doesn’t stop at the doors of CUT, oh no! In fact this month is especially grand for us as our education program takes us to one of the most influential cites in hair design. New York! This Past Monday Danielle and I were fortunate enough to attend a Balayage class in Fair Lawn NJ. Feeling inspired we decided, since we were so close, to head into NYC and double down! A short drive over the bridge and we arrived at Arrojo’s Studio for their Monday cutting demo known as, “Happy Mondays!” Come September we will be returning to New York for Butterly Circus, an educational and inspirational Circus featuring 6 famous educators with an array of expositions. Finally to finish out our “Tour de Education”, Arrojo’s October expo puts us back in the big city for 3 days of fun and learning! The Expo features classes and an all out runway party to showcase the best trends and styles of the year.


    A fun easy trend that’s been popping up all over town is the top knot, which I am currently and proudly sporting! Love it or hate it, its In! The reason I love this trend so much is its simplicity and verticality. Braid it, twist it, neat, or messy all you need is a hair tie. This look is great for both men and women which earns my two thumbs up trend of the week.

    On the more technical side another great style all over my trend radar is “The Muted Neons”. Think pastel with a newer edgier flare. The idea is to add a pastel color to a neon fusion color and create what can only be described as holographic Neon! This one is sure to gain some attention and have heads turing.
    From Education Tuesdays, to our array of off site courses, this season is sure to be filled with the coolest looks and up to date trends. As always you are, Awesome, Appreciated, and Beautiful!


    September 5, 2015




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