Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! What a year it has been, just in my own life and in the hair studio. When I sit back and reflect on 2015, through the fire and the trials as well as the beauty, I can only claim I’ve come out victorious. Challenges arise so we can overcome them and come out on top, not to simply screw with our day’s agenda. There were also so many beautiful days without a struggle, and those I count as blessings of course.
    With anticipation for what’s to come, I’m jumping into 2016. I know it’s just a flip of the calendar, but we can assign meaning to anything we want to. And I choose to make each year a fresh start and a new beginning.
    With that, I’ll tie it into my little world of hair. Here at CUT you’ll be seeing some new faces (as well as some seasoned ones) in and around the studio. These lovely ladies and gentlemen are eager to get to know you more and serve you while you visit us. We have a lovely CUT family and want you to be a part of it, even if it’s only for an hour once every 8 weeks. Keep an eye out for these guys and get to know them, true gems, every one of them!
    I always love the cliché saying of “new year, new you”, apparently so does every other beauty, body and mind business out there. However, in the short few weeks I’ve been working during 2016, I’ve had the privilege of making that cheesy saying a reality for a few beautiful people. Sometimes I can live vicariously through my clients when they take the plunge and go for a huge, bold move of cutting their hair off or completely changing their color. It can be a wonderfully liberating act to give yourself a tweak in your appearance. I would love to encourage you to think about it. Not ready to change your cut? That’s okay, come in and ask us how to achieve a different style with the cut you have! We love change.
    New year means change, so help us welcome our new team members and try something new with your hair! We may also have some other *new* things for you to check out during your visit as well. We are very excited to love and serve you in 2016!

    January 13, 2016




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