Dreams of California

    Happy Spring to all of our CUT family – old and new! I’d like to introduce myself because I’m pretty new as well. My name is Lauren, I have been the apprentice here since January. I may have greeted you at the door or shampooed your hair.
    I’m super excited about the warm, beautiful weather in our future and even more excited about the spring fashion forecast. When I think about spring/summer hair, I tend to look towards the West Coast for inspiration because, lets be honest, they pretty much have spring weather for a majority of the year.
    My absolute FAV trend right now is bangs! Yes, the thought may scare you, but hear me out. First of all, texture is IN. So curly girls can breathe a sigh of relief because this bang trend covers vast territory. Gone are the days where every hair on your head needs to be in place. Lets face it, your hair is going to do what it wants to do anyway so stop fighting it and go with the flow. Think California…. Ok, back to bangs! My favorite fringe is naturally the short, textured, almost “baby bangs”. We went to the Arrojo Summit in March and learned an awesome technique that is so fun and cutting edge. It will make you the trendiest person in town with just a few glides of the razor! If you’re not into short bangs, just pick the length that will suit you. The side swept bang will pretty much always be around, its a great way to add low maintenance interest to your haircut and soften your face.
    A lot of the shorter fringes are being shown in this past fall’s beautiful “lob” [long bob]. But the awesome news is that the spring lobs are very textured and deconstructed. Throw a few curling iron curls in there or style naturally and you’re good to go – right on trend. My FAVORITE tip I picked up from Arrojo in March was to use the Shine Luxe Conditioner as a leave-in styling product for curls. Besides the obvious moisture blast, the consistency of the conditioner is perfect to tame frizz, but still give a beautiful weightless style when naturally dried. With the NJ summer humidity right on the horizon, the frizz is inevitable and being armed with the correct products will save you loads of aggravation.
    Before I leave you dreaming of bangs and curls, don’t ignore the super fun fashion color trend that is here to stay for a while. The deeper fall colors are being traded for muted, pastel tones like mossy greens, baby pinks, and lilacs. But again, the rules are out the window and a bold hot pink, blue or red panel in your hair will turn heads and refresh any hairstyle you have going on. Whether you’re a professional, college student, or stay at home mom, ask us how we can incorporate this trend into your style. All these colors also look beautiful and almost boho as they fade throughout the summer.
    After leaving you with all that to think about, I’ll sign off! Happy Spring [finally!!]. Peace, love and California vibes.
    April 8, 2016




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