Weddings and The Beach!

    What is there to not like about this time of year? Being able to spend time outside, skin getting darker, hair going lighter, the sun, the warmth, and the inspiration.

    For me there is a direct connection between nature and inspiration. Being outside and seeing the different shades of green, different shapes of leaves, the way the waves ripple at the beach. I can directly compare that to hair, easily. It happens without me even thinking about it.

    Naturally beach hair would be the hottest trend right now- make sure to pick up Arrojo’s sea salt spray- Wave Mist to create that beachy, tousled hair. It’s a magical product. You can achieve the same beach texture without the sand and with a better scent! We have it available here at CUT.

    It’s also wedding season. Here at CUT this is one area where we shine. It’s incredible to be a part of people’s days in such an important way. For me, a lot of the time I get to attend the weddings I do hair for. I had a gorgeous friend of mine tie the knot last weekend with her best friend. Not only was the bride glowing from overwhelming joy from the moment I walked into the bridal suite, but the day in itself was enchanting. I can’t help but show off some of the hair from her day.

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    Speaking of weddings- the most talked about topic at CUT right now is Julianne’s wedding which is happening this weekend. We are all attending the wedding and will be posting pictures from the festivities. Looking forward to sharing moments from that day with all of you! Keep an eye out for it.


    June 9, 2016




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