I am honored and humbled to say we’re celebrating four years of being open on October 16th. As we’ve been toasting with our clients this week with champagne and mimosas, I have been getting the question of “Does it feel like its been four years?”. I don’t have an answer for that. In some aspects the time flew by because its really a great atmosphere here. Theres so much love and unity throughout the team that everyone clicks so well and makes the hours fly by as if you’re not even “working”.
    However, on the other end of that question, we’ve been so blessed these last few years that its hard to believe we can accomplish so much in such a short amount of time! I am just sitting back, reflecting and feeling grateful for all of our clients who have supported us throughout the years, who tell their friends about us and are so proud to be here! Thank you to all of you! We couldn’t be where we are without you.

    We are also excited because Arrojo Expo is next weekend. It is the single biggest education weekend Arrojo offers and our entire team will be going into the city to experience it. This year Peach will be a guest speaker for Nick as he talks about business! This is a really cool accomplishment and we are honored to have such an opportunity. All the designers will be doing a hands on cut/color/texture/style seminar over the course of two days. Stay tuned for some serious inspiration!

    Beginning of November we have Emily Costello coming in and doing a hands on hair cutting class with us. She’s someone we all admire the work of, and we can’t wait to get a glimpse into her head and how she creates hair designs! So to say we will have lots of inspiration going into this Holiday season would be an understatement.

    Looking forward to serving you through the rest of 2016 and many years to come! Thanks for your support!


    October 18, 2016




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