Reasons to Celebrate!

    Where did the time go? We say that every year. As I count down the days to 2017, I can’t believe it’s actually here! I’m so grateful for so many things this past year. It’s been a roller coaster of events both inside and outside of the business. Mostly for good!

    We had to say goodbye to one of our designers, who had been with us from the beginning, Jess. As many of you know, she traveled from Redbank which is over an hour commute. We were so thankful for the time she put in at CUT for the last three years and are happy she’s working closer to home full time, bought a new home, and is expecting her first child! So although we miss her dearly, we’re excited for her changes!

    The girls here at CUT are all developing well too. Julianne got married and bought a home this year. Lauren was able to move into a new home with her daughter. Peach and Danielle launched a new business in the coffee realm. Peach is roasting coffee in Pittstown and is loving every moment of it. (Although he misses your faces!) Check out his new endeavor at Everything is so exciting for everyone.

    As you may have noticed, we have been in loads of education- our entire team. Gillian and Peach attended some business classes while the designers attended some serious hands on classes. Danielle also had the opportunity to participate in another photo shoot this past month for some winter looks.

    2016_11_20_cut_holiday_hair-002_blog 2016_11_20_cut_holiday_hair-008_blog

    When you come to the studio you may notice some changes with photos, and some new tile work, amongst other things, to gear us up for the new year!! We will have some exciting things to come as well, but you’ll have to wait to hear those little details 😉

    Please take note that at the beginning of the new year our prices will reflect the ones that are on our menu here online. Prices are always subject to change, but we strategically price ourselves to not only be competitive within the industry, but also due to inflation of product cost, materials, and cost of living. This is also how our designers and team get promoted, so we’re excited to have the girls move up to their new elite status’ ! Congratulations to Lauren for becoming a new elite cutter, and to Julianne for becoming a new elite colorist. It’s really been wonderful seeing all their training and hard work pay off!

    Stay tuned for some exciting news, raffles, events and more! We love you guys, and are looking forward to this new year with you.

    Danielle Hardy

    December 19, 2016




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