ARROJO Underground

    Can we just talk about how insane life can be for a moment? I am thrilled to be writing about the things we have going on at CUT. I can’t get enough of the opportunities we’ve had and will partake in this year. 
    Let me start by talking about this past weekend at ARROJO Underground. If you’re friends with my hair account on Facebook, I am sure you’re sick of seeing me post about it, but it was such an amazing opportunity that I feel like I need to share it with others. ARROJO Underground is a huge event for hair designers to attend and see 18 groups of presenters show off their craft as they forecast some trends for the year ahead of us. The presenters are always ARROJO employees and have been for the last 14 years of this event. However, I was invited to participate and come up with a collection! THAT is why this is a big deal. I have gotten a lot of exposure to our industry this past weekend because of it. 
    I colabed with another ARROJO Ambassador, Derek of dAnthony Salon up in Nyack NY. We got together and brainstormed, created a video and an entire collection called “Nirvana”. The nostalgia of it got people pumped to begin with, then we killed it on stage. 
    Here are some pics from the event. 
    Again, I am so thankful and feeling so blessed Nick and his team gave me this opportunity. I hope to be able to share a stage again with them soon one day.
    And things to come, lets talk about that! MODERN FETE is RIGHT around the corner and will be a HUGE event full of amazing vendors, mainly based in NYC. This will be an event you won’t want to miss. I mean what the heck, it could be a fun day out with you and your bridesmaids, you and your groom or you and your mom! Tickets have gone on sale and are up for another two weeks. They will also be available at the door for a higher price, but I would get them now to be safe! Please go here and check out the list of Vendors who will be there. I will be there, hosting a braid bar which was a huge hit at the last Modern Fete. I love doing weddings and like I said its an event you won’t want to miss [ps. you can go even if you aren’t getting married lol]. You pay to get in and then there’s free hot pretzels, braids, ice cream and more. Its actually a no-brainer. Oh, and its in one of the hottest places in the city – make a day out of it!
    Heres the link, see you there!:
    March 22, 2017




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