Fall Hair Care and New Faces

    The real start of fall is somewhere around the third week in September, but for most of us it’s seeing those big yellow buses barrel down our narrow side streets, kids anxiously awaiting [or not] what the day will bring. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. The major one being it’s the start of a new routine, maybe not for me because I have the same schedule all year round and no kids to drive to football practice. However, my clients are on routine and I like the consistency in that. In the hair industry, fall is full of that “Oh I took a break from my hair for the summer” which is code for “its been up in a tight little elastic all summer, baking in the sun, overdosed on chlorine and its time to repair the damage that was done”. Hey man, I’m guilty of it too though, there is NOTHING like beach hair, trust me.

    With that being said, its time to stock up on product, get a fresh fall cut and color, and spend a few extra minutes each day taking care of those beautiful locks of yours… you’re worth it.

    Now that we are kicking into gear here I absolutely LOVE another dynamic in my little world of hair: EDUCATION. What a blessing to be a spit shot away from NYC and rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented hair designers in the world. At CUT this fall each and every one of us will be packed with education dates. From balayage to razor cutting to inspirational seminars, its all here and we’ll be deeply immersed. Can’t wait to share it all with you!


    With our team expanding at CUT, you’ll be seeing some fresh new faces, experiencing new things and enjoying your visit to CUT just as much as ever before. Right now the training for our apprentices is more packed then ever to get them on the floor doing your hair sooner than later. And what an honor it is to have girls who have been licensed for years [and doing hair] humble themselves and take on the role of “Apprentice” just to learn more in their craft and to study under us. Not to mention, they’re incredible people we’re enjoying having the opportunity to work with.

    All in all, I hope to see your beautiful face here soon. We’re all thankful for your loyalty and commitment to CUT and we look forward to loving and serving you this fall!

    September 13, 2017




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