Love Is In the Hair

    danielle and peach hardy

    Love is in the hAIR! Yes you heard me right… it’s in the hair. As we roll up to the month of February, us ladies have one thing on our mind: Valentine’s Day. Ok, so that’s actually not true at all for majority of the population, but let’s go there for a minute.

    Marriage is personally my favorite thing on the planet. I’m blessed to be married to a rock star husband who adores me almost as much as I adore him. He is the one guy who I spend all my spare time with (and my time at work too), so I desire to do my best to look good for him. Sure, for myself too so in return I feel better, but for him who has to stare at me for the next 70 years on earth. But trust me, I’m confident that he would love me even if I lost all my hair and had a lumpy head!

    You may have heard me say this before: as women, our number one accessory is our hair. We wear it every day, it’s visible to all people and takes some effort in one way or another to polish up.

    Whether you’re trying to look good for the one you love, for yourself, your job or just because you like styling your own hair, it’s important to invest in it. A great cut and color can make you look your best, boost your self-esteem and make heads turn!

    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I had to make this post somewhat relatable to that, hence the marriage talk. However, in love or not in love, come in and get spruced up as a treat to yourself. It’s the final stretch to spring and we want to help you get through this winter slump!

    We want you to love your hair and we can help you get there! Call or text to book your appointment now to give yourself a little love. 501-444-2884. See you soon! 💞


    January 31, 2018




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