CUT is Expanding!

    I think it could be safe to say spring is here! It’s the moment we have all been waiting for here in NJ and a moment that felt like it would never get here!

    At CUT we have some really cool things happening, so let me fill you in with what’s been going on.

    Thanks to all of you, we’ve won best haircut in Hunterdon County for the 4th year in a row! We truly couldn’t have done it without you. It’s an honor to be voted and hold this title for four consecutive years. We appreciate you!

    The designers AND apprentices at CUT participated in our annual photo shoot with our photographer, Sam Nichols, just a few short weeks ago. You’ll be seeing these photos blown up and displayed in CUT in the months to come, but until then we can share some sneak peeks with you on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, so make sure to follow us!

    Last but certainly not least, I’m pumped to make this official announcement. CUT will be expanding! You heard me right, CUT has occupied the space next door and has gotten permits approved to knock down some walls and grow our intimate space. We’re thrilled to be growing and look forward to what will become of our space. After 5 years of being open and serving our community, it only makes sense for us to expand our walls to invite more people in. We’re so thankful for the business you have all given to us these previous years and look forward to this next step in our journey with you. More news and progress will be in the weeks and months to come, but until then stay patient and connected with us!

    Just a friendly reminder: we’re rolling into prom and wedding season, so we ask that you prebook your appointment before you leave CUT or understand you may have to wait a few weeks for an opening that fits both your schedule and ours. We also close the doors of CUT for one week every year – this year it will be July 31- Aug 4, to regroup and recharge as a whole. Around that time it can get tricky to find an appointment. We’re thankful we have thi

    s challenge, but want to make you aware so you can be best accommodated. Please feel free to reach out to our client relations to reserve your appointment time now 501-444-2884 (you may text or call).

    – Danielle


    April 19, 2018




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