Spring is Here

    Spring is here! This has to be my favorite time of the year as it’s always much anticipated in our household. The dark dreary days are no more as our flowers are in full bloom, the leaves are a bright variety of spring time greens, and the sun makes appearances through fluffy clouds and pops of rain. It’s refreshing and renewing. I love having fresh flowers and plants inside and outside sprinkled around every area of my life. This new season is invigorating and really wakes me up! I feel alive, inspired and empowered in all aspects of my day. In fact, the entire CUT team just participated in a photoshoot to show you guys some of the work that we’ve been feeling inspired to create for you, our clients. We designed all summer/fall 2019 trends that were projected from our CUT team.. everything from big bouncy natural curls to a relaxed bend in long, smooth hair. These shoots are great because we can be truly creative, with minimal restriction to show you what gets us excited! A huge thanks to Sam Nichols for her killer photography skills, as always. And shout out to Jaz Delgado for her legit gift of make-up as the guest artist for our annual shoot. Please keep a look out for these images in the weeks to come and hopefully soon in our studio. It’s an honor to be able to use our own hair designs around the studio as art work and on social media. Any photo you see in or around CUT is a product of CUT! Isn’t that neat? I think so.

    Some cool things to update you on.. 
    Majority of the CUT team has been attending loads of classes this year thus far. We LOVE traveling into NYC and Philly for Happy Mondays. Happy Mondays is an event held by Nick Arrojo and his team to show cut, color, and American Wave techniques. We hear about new ways to use our favorite products, watch demos, and come back to our work week ready for anything! One of our own designers, Meredith, actually had the opportunity to model for Nick himself as he demoed a sassy short haircut on her! It was fun for all of us to watch and for her to have that experience. Ask us what we learned next time you’re in!

    Here is a fun reminder and a little bit of an update! With every visit to CUT artisan. hair. design. You’ll receive a COMPLIMENTARY beverage of your choice from Hardy’s Coffee Bar, which is right next door. You’ll see when you are getting your hair done that there has been some incredible additions to Hardy’s Spring Menu which is located at every client station. Along with these beverage additions, you can add a pastry item to your visit for a small fee and a heightened experience during your visit! If you haven’t tried their baked goods yet, I would highly recommend you do. My two favorites are the Orange Cranberry Scone and the Crushed Blueberry Muffin! Try them out and let us know what you think!
    Please make sure to stay in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be able to see all the fun Spring trends as well as prom and wedding hair! Get out, enjoy the weather and make sure to ask us how to prep your hair for the change of seasons. We look forward to seeing and serving you soon!
    -Danielle Hardy

    May 1, 2019




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