2020 is HERE!

    2020 is HERE! We opened CUT in 2012… hitting our 8 year mark this upcoming October, its unbelievable that it is closer to a full decade of serving clients in our space then it is the 5 year mark. I’m almost in disbelief about it, and oh so grateful.

    We’ve been waiting to reach this new decade and here we are, what better time to make trend projections then now? It was amazing starting the new year off with the Golden Globe Awards. I’m not huge into award shows, but I see it as a great opportunity to seek out trends on clothing as well as hair for the upcoming months. I’ll share a bit about what I think will stick for at least through Spring of 2020.

    If you watched the Golden Globes [or more importantly the red carpet], you’ll see a lot of the same things as far as attire goes… the hottest celebrities wearing sequins [so. many. sequins.], deep forest green [YES!], and even a more masculine look with the pant suits and one piece jumpsuit [still in sequins]. I understand that I’m talking clothing, not hair, but they go hand-in-hand on some level. The dresses were simple in cut, length, etc. but with that sequin it truly makes that fabric pop. Same goes for hair this year… we will be seeing a lot of “undone” and lived-in hair, but with more of a punch. That punch we’ll be seeing could be in the form of a long curtain bang for the cut, or a pop of more intentional highlighted pieces… not necessarily brighter, but bolder in size or placement. I love that deep forest green color that I was seeing on several celebs on the red carpet. Again, its a color that’s timeless, yet makes a statement.

    Looking at the celebrities hair styles, shorter hair was all the rage. We saw it a few years ago, and we’re seeing it again. Ellen Degeneres had her traditional short hair when she claimed her extra special award, but it had a complete disconnection and undercut. If I’m being frank, its not my favorite look for her, but I admire her boldness. She was just one of several celebs that evening who had a shorter, cropped look. Scarlett Johansen had her hair pulled back in a slick back pony. She looked amazing.. I even turned to Peach and said, “she should just shave her head! It would look great!”. So overall, being a lot of short hair on women, but still feminine.

    Brad Pitt on the other hand. That hair! It may be time for him to get a cut, but of course he wore it well. Lots of male celebrities are getting color services as well. Have you seen the new Justin Bieber… blonde? We love it! So if you’re a man who happens to somehow stumble upon this blog and you’ve been contemplating trying color, now is your time!

    I also just finished reading an article by FoxNews on the grey hair trend and celebrities not only embracing it, but calling it a “right of passage.” I support that. You can see CUT’s instagram for some really natural and beautiful transitions of women who go from years of coloring hair to a change of embracing their God-given silver hue. It may be a bit intimidating for someone to want to take this leap of faith, but we’re sure it can also be extremely empowering and liberating! Scroll through our Instagram to see if this is the right change for you.

    Thats all I’ve got for now as far as trends go! Let us know what you’d like to hear more of and what you’d like to see us post on our IG account in 2020. Happy New Year everyone!


    January 13, 2020




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