October 2020 – Celebrations are in Order!

    2020 at first glance may seem as if there is not much to celebrate, but here at CUT, we are grateful for all things we’ve experienced and endured. Per usual, we rang in the New Year as clients wanted to establish “new year, new you!” mind sets. February brought us new education for our designers to better serve you and sharpen our craft. CUT also had new members join the team! March is where things got a bit … grey (for the sense of humor, none of us knew how much grey would appear in the coming months). It’s safe to say no one knew what we were about to face and seemingly the world came to a screeching halt. The uncertainty loomed as we waited day by day, week by week … month by month as to when the “new normal” would allow us to get back into the swing of things.

    During the COVID shut down, CUT was a quiet place to be. Our leadership team worked diligently behind the scenes to get safety protocols in order. The designers and apprentices worked hard to practice trial runs of the procedures with their loved one to ensure when CUT was able to reopen the doors, it would be done right! As scary as it seemed to reopen, it was a blessing and it brought much joy not only to our team, but to our clients. Everyone stepping foot back into CUT was glowing with excitement to finally have their long awaited time to take care of themselves. Some of the drastic hair changes we saw would have never been possible if things didn’t come to a halt. Many clients were finally able to embrace their greys and we are LOVING the transformations.

    The “new normal” truly has given us a reason to celebrate – that being WERE STILL HERE. CUT worked around the clock to ensure reopening in the safest possible way not only for you but for us as well. The month of October we are celebrating not only the very positive direction CUT has gone in since June, but we are also celebrating 8 YEARS of CUT’s doors opening for the first time! Without you we would not be where we are today. We are thankful everyday for you all and we appreciate that you have been with us, now through thick & thin! It’s our pleasure to serve you. CUT has grown so vastly in these 8 years and we are truly blessed.

    Not only is CUT another year older, but our leader, Danielle is as well. CUT opened its doors for the first time on October 16, 2012 – which happens to share the same birthdate as Danielle. October 16th is always a special day at the studio and in hopes to share the joy and celebrate with all of you – for the remainder of the year, if you graciously leave us a Facebook, yelp or google review we will be gifting you a complimentary product for your first review! We appreciate you and we look forward to serving you soon! Stay connected with us on social media to see what kind of prizes and giveaways we’re doing to celebrate this wonderful anniversary!

    CUT Team
    October 6, 2020




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