Peace, Love, Joy

    Peace, Love, Joy… three things we can’t get enough of in 2020 and will need more of going into 2021.
    I was speaking to a a fellow business owner in the beauty industry recently (shout out to Lisa of La Chele Medispa in New Hope, PA – tell them Danielle sent you!!)… we were talking about how hard it was not being deemed essential in our profession and being closed was one of the hardest things we ever had to endure. Some of you were coming out of the woodworks asking how you could come see me and get your hair done, although I am a rule follower and would never break a rule when it comes to our business practice. Coming back to work in June made us realize how much we are needed as hair designers and how valued we are! The beauty industry is important because it makes you look and feel “normal” when things just aren’t. Our clients find peace when they enter our studio and leave with joy knowing that they are truly loved by our team at CUT.

    Tis the season for spreading this peace, joy & love! There’s nothing like working a 10 hour day on your feet during the holiday season! You think I’m kidding? It’s the best!! Christmas music bumping, happy clients, that energy that only comes around the holidays. Oh I’m so grateful for it and incredibly thankful we’re able to be open. Please shop local this year and support your small businesses – we have all your beauty needs for men and women as well as gift certificates, hot tools and more! You can now order online too at and we can ship anywhere in the US as well as have you pick up your already bagged and ready to go online order. We appreciate how much you’ve all supported us this year!

    Some upcoming events that you should know about:

    I (Danielle) will be teaching a virtual cutting class with Nick Arrojo and some other amazing designers on Monday Dec. 7 right at ARROJO Studio in Brooklyn!

    Our designer Sarah will be attending and getting certified in Razor Fundamentals in ARROJO SoHo!

    We have a NEW artist for the remainder of the year and half way through the first quarter of 2021! Tracy Fitzgerald is a local artist who’s been a client of CUT for several years now. We’ve displayed her work before and she made some custom pieces for our space so please make sure you check it out when you’re in next! All her artwork is priced for sale. Ask one of the CUT team members if you’re interested.

    Lastly, we’re doing an AMAZING raffle for all clients who come into CUT and purchase products this month. We have three prizes:

    • The Shine Luxe Experience.. 1 Shine Luxe Shampoo, 1 Shine Luxe Conditioner and 1 Shine Luxe Oil
    • Shop Til You Drop.. a $100 CUT giftcard that can be used on products and/or services
    • The Perfect Hair Day.. Recieve a gloss/glaze and an Olaplex treatment, 1 blow out, and 1 take home Olaplex treatment.

    When you purchase a product you receive a raffle ticket. You can choose which of those three prizes you want to put your ticket in and you’re entered to win! How fun is that?! There will be three winners and they’ll be announced on January 2!

    Praying you are all healthy and have a blessed holiday season. Also hoping I’ll have the opportunity to see you before the New Year or soon after! Peace out 2020, hello 2021!

    Danielle Hardy

    December 4, 2020




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