Cheers to 2021!

    Cheers to 2021! Reflecting back on this time last year we all had the idea of “2020 Vision” and “this is MY year”. Well, turns out it was no ones year actually, but once you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up. We’re looking up as this new year begins. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that when the clock hits 12 all things from the previous year disappear and 2021 will bring some magical corrective gifts to make all things new. No, I wish that were the case, but after 33 years of celebrating this day, I understand thats not how that works. Instead to my organized mind its the end of a calendar and it marks a new day. Each new day brings new opportunity and chance to start fresh. I’m a firm believer in if you don’t have goals, you don’t know where you’re going. So go ahead, take out a notebook or journal and scribble down a few goals for the new year. I’ll be doing so!

    So, 2020 was a bust… but not completely. We have many things to rejoice in. As we finished out the year at CUT I was able to participate in Happy Mondays, which is typically in person, however this year it was virtual! Happy Mondays is hosted by Nick Arrojo in his Brooklyn Arrojo Studio location. There was 4 hair industry guests who were able to create a hair design for the at home viewers to watch, including myself having the honor of participating again for the Holiday edition. My haircut model, Hilary, Peach, and myself drove into Brooklyn and participated in this two hour event which was so encouraging and inspiring. This opportunity was a huge hit and the entire CUT team had a watch party at CUT, cheering me on! It was incredibly sweet and reminded me that we’ve got an incredible group of employees that I am so blessed to do each day with.


    Another huge successful win for the entire CUT team was mentioned a few blogs ago regarding our photoshoot. I’ve never been so proud of the team making the hair work in strange elements. Our photographer, Sam Nichols, and myself have a true gift of choosing the worst days of the year to do these shoots, but this one takes the cake. We had our shoot scheduled for October 26th for the models to show up and Make-up artist, Kelly Carmen, to do make up for all. After the beautiful fall we had I was so confident that we’d have great weather. Well you can guess that the weather was less than ideal with its chill in the air and the ironic pouring rain all day. Let me tell you though, the dream team showed up! Our CUT team improvised and made due with what we had. We will have a full album available soon, but until then enjoy these few shots by us!





    Would you know that the moment we wrapped up a very long day of shooting that beautiful dark sky opened up and out came the sun right before sunset. Thats how life is sometimes though.. and despite the circumstances, we pivoted a bit, changed up some styles, went with the rain and nailed every single photo. Long story short, we’ve all got an opportunity. We’re all stuck in the rain sometimes, but what will we do with it? The rain is typically inconvenient, but never lasts. When opportunity strikes, we need to take advantage of it because we don’t know when it will come back around. So, 2021, here’s to you. New endeavors, possibilities, and the gift to live our lives to the fullest because we’ve been giving that chance. In the same way I started the blog, I’m going to end it. Ciao 2020, cheers to 2021, dream big!


    Danielle Hardy

    January 1, 2021




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