It’s February!

    It’s February! The month of the year dedicated to LOVE. It’s a time of year that we are remembered to spread love and be happy to give it anywhere we can.

    Danielle, Owner and Creative Director at CUT artisan. hair. design. has a deep place in her heart for cancer patients. Losing her mother at a very young age to breast cancer and then her father not even two years ago to lung cancer, it’s hit home for her. Seeing the daily struggle of common daily chores and that love for adventure drain out of the people she cares so much about moves something inside of Danielle to use the platform she has in front of her… We have the power to make a change in the battle of this terrible disease.

    Many local artists donated their creativity and time to work on this project to help beat cancer and encourage the patients who are struggling and fighting for their lives! The artists painted or used their favored medium on these 10” wooden hearts, then donated these works of he(ART) to us.

    Today we have an opportunity to share love while receiving something in return. CUT is hosting another amazing fundraiser to help make a difference in the lives around us by selling these pieces of art to our clients and anyone who’d like to participate! We will have these he(ART)s displayed the entire month of February and they’ll be available for purchase at the flat rate of only $30 a piece. Clients and guests will then be able to donate on top of their purchase for a chance to enter our raffle. ALL money collected from the art and donations will make participants eligible for some AMAZING raffles. 100% of money collected will go directly to a local organization called Evolve Pink! To check out more about the organization please visit their website ✨

    We’re so excited about this opportunity and hope you are too! The he(ART)s will be available for purchase online or in person so please check them out and if you feel moved to donate please do so.

    Thank you for partnering with CUT and Evolve Pink.

    Danielle Hardy

    February 5, 2021




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