It’s July!

    Summer is here! Which means for us in NJ – humidity and unforgivable bad hair days.

    The battle between your hair and the weather just got a ton easier when you consult with your CUT designer. Each designer is fully trained and educated in using and recommending products from the Arrojo line. We’re thrilled to find a product that is perfectly unique for your hair needs. The next time you’re in you can be sure that the topic will come up and you’ll be having more effortless hair days then as if you were on the west coast.

    CUT is throwing a VERY exciting promotion right now that will ensure your hair will be easier to handle. We absolutely love the results we’ve seen of a new product – the “Maintainer Mist”. This special blend of high end ingredients is created to ensure smoother, softer, frizz free hair while still achieving volume and body throughout your style. It’s an easy application that takes very little extra time during your already scheduled appointment right before the blow out and then the product is dried into the hair, making the magic happen! Best part about your silky locks? They become more manageable for you the next time you wash it (and 2-3 times after that too), speeding up blow dries, adding shine and softness to your look. You’ll still have to put that effort in, but it will come with ease!

    Each time you receive the “Maintainer Mist” treatment in the month of July 2021, you’ll be entered to win a complimentary blow out and “Maintainer Mist” treatment the next time you’re in CUT!

    Ask your designer during your next appointment if this product is ideal for you. If you love it, we also sell it as a retail item that you can take home with you.

    Hope your summer is long, beautiful and full of happy hair days!

    Danielle Hardy

    CUT Team
    July 14, 2021




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