Looking at my calendar it’s sort of hard to believe we’re in 2022.

    Looking at my calendar it’s sort of hard to believe we’re in 2022. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking that. 2021 was a challenging year, but filled with many blessings as well.
    The CUT team had some incredible memorable moments in 2021 including loads of education, a team trip to Hershey, PA, an amazing photoshoot [see photos below], and a quick team trip to the most magical place on earth, Disney World.
    All these things are good for team building and bonding, as well as knowledge behind the chair, however, we are chasing the experiences. I recently heard someone say that they just want to feel, whether it be pain or joy because thats what connects them to their experiences and causes growth. You can’t have growth without the trials. In a life that is easy and smooth sailing, you’ll hardly experience growth. Now that doesn’t by any means say we’re welcoming pain… it does mean that we’ve got to roll with the punches and create the best reaction to those punches as best we can.
    2022 will be a year of growth for CUT, sort of like 2021 was, but we’re on the other side now.

    We have LOADS of things to look forward to. We already have several classes scheduled for our team that include extensions, hair painting, classic cutting, and men’s classic cutting. You know this – we’re always learning.. its our lifeblood at CUT! Not only will we be attending these classes, but doing loads of in studio training. Kaleigh is already doing single process colors [go ahead and schedule your appointment now – she’s amazing and thorough!], and she is going to continue with hands on cutting and coloring all year with Danielle and the other designers.. we’re so proud of her accomplishments!

    Looking forward, the future is bright… very bright. We’re grateful for our clientele, each other, and our mentors. Thank you for a great 2021, we’re looking forward to an even better 2022! Take a moment with us and enjoy some of the photos from the shoot and from our team below!

    Danielle Hardy

    CUT Team
    January 12, 2022




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