March blog

    Whoa.. what a season it has been. We’re already almost through the first quarter of 2022. If you’ve ever flown from LA to Newark you know what a doozy it could be and that’s where I am now writing this blog post. There’s something traveling does for my creativity in business I suppose… but we all know I’ve got the time to write during this flight!

    When I think of our plane landing in the next few hours I feel nothing but an eagerness to jump back into CUT with Peach to grow, strengthen and develop our team, our environment and other aspects of business.

    As you may have known from previous blog posts, we have this fun idea of traveling with our team as often as possible to help cultivate creativity, draw inspiration from new places, and meet new people! Our team visited Walt Disney World twice this past year and both times were truly impactful. Sometimes these trips will have hair design education incorporated in them, other times it will be more leisurely, however, each trip will serve a purpose to grow and connect with one another! We’re currently planning our next location – stay tuned!

    If your hair appointment has fallen within the last month, you’ll notice our neighborhood looks a little different over in Flemington. Buildings surrounding us are gone, we’ve got more sunlight and open space than we know what to do with and a full view of our building where CUT and HARDYS is. All that being said, it’s quite inspirational to see the old gone and new things coming. Keep a close eye out for some changes that will be happening directly to the CUT building.. nothing crazy yet and no spoilers here, but you’ll have to come see for yourself.

    Lastly, we want to touch base on our service menu pricing. As you may have noticed we did do a small price raise right after the three months we were closed in 2020 due to the global pandemic. We’ve chosen to not do another price raise right now, although the economic state of business is challenging and ever changing. We do want you to know though moving forward there may be changes in our service menu and you’ll be able to find the most recent and accurate pricing here. When we do raise pricing be assured that majority of the difference goes directly to families within the company as well as a thorough calculation from our vendors on what we use to operate daily as we all have been experiencing the unfortunate result of inflation. We appreciate your continued loyalty to CUT.

    Oh this year has been amazing so far and we look forward to sharing in our joy as a unified team with each person who comes into the studio. Thanks for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing and serving you soon!

    Danielle Hardy

    CUT Team
    April 6, 2022




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