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    Some of you may already know.. and it’s been hard to keep it in this long! We’re adding another member to the CUT team, but this time it’s an extension of Peach and myself!

    We are welcoming our first child into the world a little after New Years and we’re already blessed. The entire CUT and HARDYS team is so excited and it’s only just begun.

    Now, trust me.. I know what some of you are thinking because that was our thoughts too, “who’s going to do my hair?!” If you’ve been around CUT long enough you’ll know we have a plan in place and quite frankly, I love serving our clients so much that you can’t keep me away!

    Although some things will be changing, like my hours being a little shorter before the new year and once I return back to work after maternity leave.. lots of things will remain the same! To help accommodate my clientele, I have stopped taking new clients completely, with the exception of extension clients. New clients to the studio are always welcome, but we will be recommending them to other designers. This change was implemented a few months ago in preparation.

    In full transparency, I plan on working until I cannot work any longer – 👋🏻 hellooo Christmas Season!! However, with Mother Nature running it’s course, I’m in Gods hands and it might end up looking differently once we get closer to this time. Once baby is here Peach and I plan to take some much needed time off and I will be returning back to CUT before you know it. In the meantime, during your next few visits to the studio I plan on discussing which CUT designer would best suite your needs while I’m away. It won’t be long until I’m back and Taylor and our client communications team will have direction on which days I’m working, my new hours and what that looks like moving forward!

    Thank you for your excitement and understanding. We are beyond thrilled for this next chapter in our lives and glad to share this joy with you!

    With love,
    Danielle & Peach

    CUT Team
    July 13, 2022




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