October 16

    Wow! We made it. Happy 10th Birthday CUT! Hope you joined us in some of our celebrations and giveaways we did both online and in person (and maybe you were lucky enough to win some prizes).

    Our team at CUT wants to personally thank each and every one of you. Whether you’ve been getting your hair done here the entire ten years we’ve been open or you just had your first visit this year, we’re so grateful for you choosing us. Coming this far has only been possible with the support of our clients.

    Back in 2012 we (Peach & Danielle) had a dream that set forth as we signed the lease for CUT on a small side street in Flemington. The space was different from any other hair studio we’ve ever been in but saw right away what it could be. Signing that lease and fitting out that space was a challenge in itself. CUT actually opened on my (Danielle’s) 25th birthday. Our mentality was like, “alright, if we don’t make it and lose all our investment at least we’re young enough to recover and start something new”. Ten years later this isn’t the case at all. Our studio is has been rated best haircut 8 years in a row, been published in numerous online and paperback publications, we’ve trained with some of the industries finest and most talented hair designers in the world and are one of the most recognized hair studios in Hunterdon County.. being booked out several weeks at a time for all our designers across the board. It’s been an incredible journey and so fun to provide a comfortable, innovative, luxury hair studio in a small community like Flemington. We are so blessed and look forward to the future and whatever that holds for us. We honestly cannot dream big enough for that!

    Regardless of what’s ahead, we thank you for what’s behind us. You’ve helped us grow and get to where we are and we hope you see and feel the love and appreciation we have for you, our client. Thank you for all the hair appointments, retail purchases, referrals, positive reviews and more that made this husband and wife’s dream come true. Your support didn’t stop at CUT.. it also branched over to our sister company HARDYS Coffee Bar (you know.. that delicious craft beverage you get to enjoy complimentary during your hair appointment) and allowed us to grow that business and our coffee roaster as well. As I write these words, my heart is full of gratitude and joy to know that what we’ve created – the experience, environment, product has brought you joy and keeps you returning to this small side street that’s called Bloomfield Ave. Cheers to a thrilling and bright future for CUT, our team and our clientele. We love you all. 🖤

    Danielle Hardy
    “She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs at the days to come” -Proverbs 31:25

    CUT Team
    October 17, 2022




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