Spring 2023

    The days are stretching and the sun is shining. Aren’t you grateful for the season of spring? Knowing those rainy days aren’t in vain make it all worth it… In a few short weeks we will begin to see our New Jersey landscape make that magical transformation from the dead of winter to growing the lush green buds on the trees and new life across the ground.

    I love to start these blogs sentimental with some cute philosophical analogy and relate it to hair, I can’t help it, no matter how cheesy it is the parallel is unavoidable.

    When we see how beautiful the earthly transformation is, I feel like it sets us up for all areas of our lives. Spring cleaning, prepping gardens, putting our winter clothes away and bringing out the summer clothes… it’s all about change, out with the old and in with the new.

    Funny how people say “new year, new you” when the clock strikes midnight on January 1 because I don’t know about you, but for me I’m not motivated to get out and do anything when it’s 20 degrees and gloomy outside. With this new season here ahead of us it invigorates me to move more, start new projects and pursue change.

    (Okay here’s where the hair part comes in!) We’ve been cooped up all winter and it’s a total downer on our energy levels, motivation, and our pasty skin tone 💁🏼‍♀️. I absolutely LOVE extreme hair transformations, but I think this year it’s more about subtle kisses of blonde or caramel tones, removing bulk from haircuts rather than getting extremely shaggy and chopped up layers.

    I recently went to get my hair done while on maternity leave when I was out in California. I have two friends who are a power duo – Tim & Tabitha Duenas who cut and color out of a cute little studio in West Hollywood. It was a pleasant surprise when my husband, Peach, scheduled me a day session with them. I came into that appointment thinking I wanted one thing, but after a great consultation and talking it through with them, my change was subtle but made a huge impact. Tim ended up leaving my layers longer, removing the weight on top and keeping my locks long so I still felt like myself, but a lighter, more mature version. Tabitha understood where I wanted to go, and how I like my color to look and gave me a very soft, slightly brighter version of what I had, cleaning it up and balancing my color more. One thing Tim spoke about his wife was that she specializes in making hair look expensive. I am literally taking that one to the grave with me. As I jump back behind the chair this spring I really want to focus my attention on making hair look expensive, making all my clients feel a whole new high-end level of beauty. That’s the professional change I’d like to see be created with my hands when you come visit the hair studio and see me or anyone on my team for that matter.

    I’m eager, I’m ready and the passion is flowing this season. My books might look a little different, taking fewer clients each week, delegating tasks while I also have the new honor of raising my (almost) 3 month old daughter. However, I know that a passion this strong is contagious and will infect my whole team at CUT. So even if you’re not in my book this season, I encourage you to sit in the chair of one of my team members. All of my designers are so talented and eager to serve you!

    What change do you want to see this spring? A subtle tweak may be all you need. Trust your designer – we will make sure that your hair fits you in whatever season of life you’re stepping into so you’re confident and can bloom and grow in other areas of life.

    Danielle Hardy

    CUT Team
    March 9, 2023




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