Summer haircare ☀️

    Ah, yes my favorite season is upon us.. finally. However, we truly know the struggle with frizzy hair. I’ve made this blog post several years ago, but since products and trends have changed I figured an update is good!

    Summer to me is a great time to give a break to those gorgeous locks of yours. Turn off the heat of the iron and embrace that natural wave or let your hair air dry to reduce heat exposure.

    Natural curls? Give them a try! Scrunch with some of our favorite curly hair products by Arrojo.
    Curl Definer is a fantastic product that has a feel of a serum, still allowing the hair to bounce and move while eliminating those flyaways.
    American Wave Structure is the perfect hybrid of a gel and a crème based product that holds up like a gel creating the perfect formed curl, while being soft and touchable.

    Still dealing with frizz? We’ve got two solutions for you! Most of the CUT team actually specializes in the CUT smoothing treatment. This treatment is similar to that of a traditional keratin treatment, but healthier for you and your hair. The product we use on the hair is a European based company that cares about the health of you, ensuring there’s no formaldehyde or harmful ingredients that you may find in other lead brands. We have a variety of application techniques that are unique to your own individual needs. Set up an appointment for a consultation as this could be exactly what you need this summer to be frizz free!

    Not ready to commit to the smoothing treatment? That’s okay! We have a newer product called the Maintainer Mist which we like to explain as an at-home semi-permanent smoothing treatment. Available for purchase at CUT now, this product is easy to use. A few sprays throughout the hair, apply your regular styling products and then style as usual. This spray only needs to be used once every 4 shampoos and will last in between each one. A game changer for the seasons humidity.

    Set up a consultation to find out which products are the best for you and your hair this summer!

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    Danielle Hardy
    “She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs at the days to come” -Proverbs 31:25

    CUT Team
    June 22, 2024




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