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    April 12, 2013

    It’s Not About the Hair

    This next month alone we will be providing services for proms, weddings, sweet 16 parties, funerals, job interviews and day-to-day life. It is so amazingly humbling that when our guests are planning all these events I can be a small part of their special day and that they want me to be.

    This past month alone, I don’t know what it is, but I have had several people come in do make a big change in their hairstyles. I have had about 4 people cut off 8 inches or more of their hair to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Not only are my guests trusting me to make one big change for them, but to do it well.

    One of my most powerful experiences this past month was one of my beautiful guests came in to donate her hair. I knew she was ready for the change and excited to donate whatever hair she could to help make a wig for a cancer patient in need. When I asked her why she was in need of a change from her long beautiful dark hair, she smiled and told me she was starting her chemotherapy tomorrow morning and was expecting to lose all of her hair. I could have cried when she told me that, but she seemed so confident that she would be healed and this was just the first step to get there. She then proceeded to tell me her story of how this is her second time fighting this deadly disease, but the first time was in high school. She had to undergo the same procedures and treatments she is doing now, but 20 years ago as a teenager. Ugh I cannot imagine having to lose my hair now as a 25 year old, but she was in high school, when kids are brutal and image is everything!

    Hearing this story made me remember some things. Hair is not the end-all-be-all. Although, hair is what I do and I am so extremely passionate about it, it is not eternal. Hair could be a powerful tool that can make us feel so beautiful or completely awful. I am blessed to have the gift of providing services for my guests and making them feel beautiful even when they are battling so much internally and in their daily lives. Everyone has a story, and I love being able to hear it. Popular stereotype on hair salons is there is a ton of gossip and negativity that goes on in there. At CUT artisan. hair. design. we strive to make a stand to go against the natural expectation and create a new culture in the industry. We adore that our studio is a place where people can come, relax, feel loved and accept love.

    At the end of the day I can truly sit back and say “Its not about the hair”. I look forward to loving the unloved in this world and making them feel like they’re a part of something, that they be accepted. We can all do this, it doesn’t have to be by doing hair, but just by loving one another and doing to others as you would like to have done onto you. One small gesture can change someone’s entire life. We have the power to offer love, why not share it to all?


    April 5, 2013

    6 months

    This week will be the 6 month mark of our new studio being open. I am still in awe of how amazing things have been, and although a growing process how smoothly things have been coming along. We are super blessed to have so much support from our friends, family, the local businesses in town and all of our guests that step through this door! I think it is very special that I still look forward to coming to work and seeing all the beautiful faces that I see each day.

    We are currently looking to grow our team here at CUT artisan. hair. design. Peach is in the middle of reviewing handfuls of resumes and applications, meeting potential teammates and doing interviews. To me it is a feeling I can’t describe to have people whom I have not yet met, some I have known a while come from all over and choosing to walk in our door and asking for employment. Even when I dreamed up this studio, I didn’t dream as far as this… talk about a humbling experience! I am looking forward to bringing on an apprentice pretty soon, whom I am sure you’ll hear about in the next blog where I will be introducing him or her and welcoming them to our team.

    We wouldn’t be in a place where we could grow like this if it wasn’t for all our amazing guests who come in week after week and show us the support. I had a family in here last Saturday that sad something that resonated with my heart. I have heard it many times before, but this was so genuine that I could almost cry thinking about it. The mother of the three beautiful girls I was doing said to me, “Danielle, we are so glad we found you.” And that just struck a cord in me to give me the drive to keep going. Even after 3 years of doing the hair for the family, they still find it necessary to let me know how I am doing. Encouragement like that is life altering. So really, thank you, everyone. It truly means a lot to hear your feedback on everything. You all have blessed me so much.


    January 26, 2013

    A New Year at CUT

    Happy New Year everyone! There are a lot of exciting happenings taking place this year at CUT. We are very excited about moving forward into 2013 and seeing what the year will bring us as well as what we might be able to bring to the world!

    To kick off 2013, CUT will be sponsoring an amazing organization called “Feed The Need” through our church, South Ridge, in Clinton. This will be the fourth year that Peach and I participate, but our first year as sponsors. We can’t wait! We have a goal of raising/contributing $2,500 to help this great cause. Seems like a bit of a stretch, but it is so doable with the incredible support system we have backing us up! Here is a link to see how you can help be a part of Feed The Need along with us:

    On that website you’ll be able to read more about the organization, our goals and how you can help! We are really looking forward to partnering with them and strongly believe and support what their mission is!

    So on top of that, we plan on doing some more out reaches in the first half of the year and will continue to keep everyone posted on that as we finalize details!

    If you haven’t had a chance to stop in yet to check out the new artist wall, please feel free to stroll in! Our artist whom will be displayed for the next 4 months is John Greene. He is a brilliant local photographer with a great eye for beauty! All of his work that is displayed is also for sale! So come in and take a look, who knows maybe you’ll find that perfect piece for your living room wall 😉 !

    Thank you, sincerely. You all are the best!


    November 29, 2012

    Frank and Joy Warner

    Last night, We had an amazing opportunity and privilege to sit with our Friends and Hair Industry Hero’s Frank and Joy Warner from (Frank Anthony Salon.) It was spectacular… goals, vision casting, industry technique and business advice were absorbed by Danielle and I. This was better than any education class, seminar, or conversation we could ask for.

    Frank and Joy have been in this industry for over 40 years… Joy Warner, a Master colorist, designer, salon owner, has worked on national platforms, along side of Frank. She has instilled purpose and inspired so many employee’s and others in this industry. And as I listened to Frank pour out stories of Sassoon, Mitchell, and other major legends, I noticed something about him. This man may not have been in People Mag, on Billboards or his product line bought out by P&G, but he has been everywhere, with everybody, and I’m sure he could have done anything. Frank chose to stay back and choose a path less recognized. He grew and inspired his staff, poured into people, and continues to listen to and truly love his clients.

    As we came home, winded down and our heads hit the pillow the most important message we walked away with surfaced. We were reminded by Frank “We have opportunities guys.. as designers we can listen and touch people like no other industry.” As Frank’s statement rung in our heads, it began to remind, reinforce, and refresh us on why our mission statement is “To Serve and Love People Through artisan. hair. design.”

    To anyone reading, go visit Frank’s Salon (Frank Anthony Salon and Spa – Chester, NJ). We know that this sounds weird to refer potential clients, and even existing clients, to visit another salon, but we know you will be treated the way God intended professionals and people to be treated. Hair grows again and you can always come back :), but listen, people “don’t grow back”.. and THAT is the core of this company to make sure you are “Loved and Served.”

    Lastly, CUT artisan. hair. design. wants to publicly honor Frank and Joy for your years and years of service to our wonderful industry and thousand of people you touched. You have changed this world and if you doubt that, you have changed US… You are Legends.

    November 17, 2012

    One Month

    Yesterday marked one month of CUT artisan. hair. design. being officially open. We are grateful for each and every one of you who have supported, helped and encouraged us along the way.

    As I (Peach) reflect on this milestone for CUT, I wouldn’t be completely truthful if I said “This is what I expected.” Throughout this month, I have come to a simple revelation that “Hair just grows back, people do not.” As I return back to all the amazing stories I have heard, from clients and people, this helps reinforce that at CUT we will always stop and invest in conversation with anyone that walks through our door. For us, this is just as important as the services we provide.

    So, we look forward to seeing, serving, investing, conversing, and Loving you.

    Be Blessed,

    Peach and Danielle
    CUT artisan. hair. design.

    September 4, 2012


    Well this is awesome, I am currently sitting in a black chair in the middle of “Cut” as my husband, Peach, [whom you’ll meet at some point very soon] finishes the painting in here! The hair studio is coming along quite nice if you ask me! Its becoming more and more real with each passing day. Every time we get something new shipped to us in the mail, its as exciting as Christmas morning! All that’s left to wait for are the permits from the town which should be coming super soon! After that we can bring in our contractors to install lighting and hook up the sinks! We also have to wait for the state to inspect us, but that should be pretty easy!

    I enjoy doing all the little details such as chap stick with our logo on it, bags, pens etc. Because it’s always cool to get those things as a customer – or at least I think so!! Oh and picking out what music I can buy to play in here, that’s what makes my heart beat fast! haha.. So that’s how I have been spending my free time, doing all the small things!

    We are also working toward doing a photo shoot sometime in Sept. for more photos on the website in my portfolio! That is really exciting to me because I will be coloring, cutting and styling everyone’s hair in the shoot – and real people too, not professional models. I also get to spend a whole day with one of my best friends who lives in the city as a professional wedding photographer, she’s just brilliant. if you want to check out some of her work! It should be fun. I will certainly post photos of the shoot when we get to that point.

    That’s all the updating I can do at this point, but keep checking back for more blog posts, soon video blogs and hair tutorials as well as photos updates! 🙂