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    September 13, 2017 Fall Hair Care and New Faces

    The real start of fall is somewhere around the third week in September, but for most of us it’s seeing those big yellow buses barrel down our narrow side streets, kids anxiously awaiting [or not] what the day will bring. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons. The major one being it’s the start of a new routine, maybe not for me because I have the same schedule all year round and no kids to drive to football practice. However, my clients are on routine and I like the consistency in that. In the hair industry, fall is full of that “Oh I took a break from my hair for the summer” which is code for “its been up in a tight little elastic all summer, baking in the sun, overdosed on chlorine and its time to repair the damage that was done”. Hey man, I’m guilty of it too though, there is NOTHING like beach hair, trust me.

    With that being said, its time to stock up on product, get a fresh fall cut and color, and spend a few extra minutes each day taking care of those beautiful locks of yours… you’re worth it.

    Now that we are kicking into gear here I absolutely LOVE another dynamic in my little world of hair: EDUCATION. What a blessing to be a spit shot away from NYC and rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented hair designers in the world. At CUT this fall each and every one of us will be packed with education dates. From balayage to razor cutting to inspirational seminars, its all here and we’ll be deeply immersed. Can’t wait to share it all with you!


    With our team expanding at CUT, you’ll be seeing some fresh new faces, experiencing new things and enjoying your visit to CUT just as much as ever before. Right now the training for our apprentices is more packed then ever to get them on the floor doing your hair sooner than later. And what an honor it is to have girls who have been licensed for years [and doing hair] humble themselves and take on the role of “Apprentice” just to learn more in their craft and to study under us. Not to mention, they’re incredible people we’re enjoying having the opportunity to work with.

    All in all, I hope to see your beautiful face here soon. We’re all thankful for your loyalty and commitment to CUT and we look forward to loving and serving you this fall!

    August 10, 2017 CLUB CUT Trend Event 2017

    Wow! We are so overwhelmed by the amount of love we’ve received and positive feedback we’ve gotten from our Trend Event. It was such a beautiful night.

    During the rehearsals I had to take a step back because I was tearing up. It has been a couple years since our last event and we wanted to go bigger then ever (and we did). Two years ago I heard this song by Bassnectar and knew it was the one our models would be strutting the stage to. When I saw it come to life the night of the event my eyes filled with tears and I couldn’t believe that something I’d dreamt of while driving and blasting my music on the way to work came to life.

    Here we were just thirty minutes before doors opening and I’m trying to keep my composure with my back facing the stage. We needed to run through the set one more time and the models nailed it. Ready to go.

    But just hours before the event we had our team hustling to get all things together. Caitlin, Peach, Gillian, and a number of other individuals from our team worked diligently to get what we needed set up. In between my clients and models I arranged flowers in vases for the tables (I know delegation is important, but I can’t let go of the things I enjoy). The models came in and we all got to work. 5 hours of hair and make up.

    Brenna worked extremely hard to create a different look on each model as far as make-up goes. Working with each designer to collab on inspirations I think it’s safe to say she knocked it out of the park.

    Lauren, Julianne & myself were focused on creating some incredible hair for the runway. Doing our own trend projections for the year to come we all had different ideas with a common core tying our looks together. Lauren went with a 70’s/Urban disco theme. Julianne was set with a Glam Rock theme. I went for a tribal/festival/bohemian vibe. The underlying core that tied us all together was texture. Lots of texture, movement, curl, braids. We’re seeing a lot of it and it’s not going anywhere.

    Arrojo hit the nail on the head when they debuted their American Wave product line this year (yes we carry it at CUT). It’s formulated to really make the most out of your natural curls, natural texture, and give you low maintenance hair while looking incredible. We’re obsessed and you should be too. Although the entire line was formulated for those with curly texture, we’ve been using it on almost everyone. The Glint texturizing spray is a fan favorite. Between it’s incredibly fresh scent, the feel it leaves in the hair, texture and shine — it brings the best out of your hair — no matter what your texture is! Thank you to Arrojo for sponsoring our event with some giveaways and for the shampoo/conditioner combo everyone received for coming!

    Anyway, back to the trend event. Our models were amazing. Not only did they spend the whole day with us, when they hit the runway they just turned it on. I mean, watch out Tyra banks I think CUT can start a new show all on our own. We love our models!!

    The food was hands down the best we’ve ever had at one of our events. 55 Main catered our event and slayed! They had a few tables full of food as well as passing food around that everyone loved. The venue, Grape Finale was LIT and they also supplied the wine which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Of course we couldn’t have done anything without Base Entertainment. Their team provided the stage, music, lighting, photo booth and more! We’re so stoked to say they killed it of course and we didn’t expect anything else. Also want to shout out to Salon Centric for supplying us with some goodies for our goody bags. Huge shout out to our Photographer, Sam Nichols of NYC who came out and photographed the entire evening.

    Thank you for everyone who came out and made CLUB CUT a night to remember. We love you and we cannot wait for the next event!

    July 6, 2017 Join us for Club Cut!

    August 4th will be a date to remember, one that will keep the town talking for months to come. Take a walk on the red carpet where CUT artisan. hair. design. will be hosting their third Trend Event, which will be the biggest, most eventful evening yet.

    You may be thinking, “What is a Trend Event?” Set up differently than CUT’s past events: This one will have a night club vibe, with a DJ, dancing and MORE to set the tone for the evening. The team of hair designers will be putting together a catwalk runway show which shows off their interpretations of trend projections in the fashion industry: primarily hair related.

    This years Trend Event will be located at Grape Finale, right on Bartles Corner in Flemington. Grape Finale will be providing their own wine the night of the event, which has been a huge hit the previous two events held by CUT. Along with the runway show and wine, there will passed hors d’oeuvres provided by 55 Main, a local restaurant hub located in the center of town.

    Doors open at 6:30 pm, while people can mingle and help themselves to food and drink. At 7pm the Dance party starts and will go until 10pm. Some point in the night you’ll be all eyes on the stage to see our beautiful models walk the runway to the theme song of the evening. There will be a photo booth, dessert table, braid bar [where you can get your own braid by the CUT team to join in the hair fun!], LOTS of giveaways, freebies, MANY surprises and hopefully an incredible memory of a night out with your crew!

    Invite your friends and family to join us for the most eventful evening of the summer! You won’t want to be the only one missing out. Purchase your ticket to secure your spot: Club CUT: Trend Event 2017

    Click Here for Tickets

    May 10, 2017 Making Waves

    Now is the time to perfect your beachy hair, as we roll into summer! There are a few ways to get that beachy, “lived in” curl look.

    If you’re hair is naturally curly or wavy, you’re almost there. You just need the correct products to put into your hair. My go-to product for that beachy hair is Arrojo’s Wave Mist. It’s wonderful to spray in the hair, scrunch it up and let those natural waves do their thing! The Wave Mist is a sea salt spray that encourages beachy texture to make it feel just like you’ve spent the afternoon by the ocean.

    If you’ve got straight hair we love our Hot Tools 1.25 inch curling iron to help us with the task of wavy hair. We use this iron with a perfect blend of products (depending on your density and texture) to create a soft bend in the hair. Come in and have a styling session with us to learn how to make your hair rock that beach wave! When you come in we can show you the best products for your specific hair.

    Both the Arrojo Wave Mist & Hot Tools Irons can be found here at CUT so come stop in and stock up to be summer ready!

    Xo Danielle


    March 30, 2017 Summer Styles

    March is coming to a close, spring is here, and we are ready! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because everything feels so new and fresh and if it’s not, we change it so it is! For us here at CUT spring also signifies the beginning of prom and wedding season.
    Julianne and I got an opportunity this year to take a class at ARROJO in March called Editorial Styling. Danielle also took this class twice she loved it so much! The basis of this class is to learn the secrets of how to achieve high fashion styles and looks for runway and photo shoots. And we werent learning from just anyone! Paul Merritt, who helped teach the class, is an industry veteran who has worked on everyone from Gisele to Jennifer Lawrence. He has also done countless photo shoots and runway shows from Fendi to Michael Kors. Also teaching the class were two of Arrojo’s top stylists Aziza Razulova and Alex Efstratiou, who deal with high profile, trend setting New Yorkers on a daily basis. From countless different updo techniques to fresh new braids for 2017, we are fully informed and ready to take on any styling situation on or off the runway and bring it to you here at CUT.
    Prom appointments are booking up fast already so make sure you schedule now for your spring and summer weddings and parties. If you’re not sure what you want, Pinterest or Instagram some pics and we can discuss all of the options. We also spent a lot of time talking about hair pieces and extensions to achieve certain looks that may seem impossible. Make sure you come in for a consult if you think this is something that may interest you! I can’t wait to see the ideas we come up with! Happy Spring!


    March 22, 2017 ARROJO Underground
    Can we just talk about how insane life can be for a moment? I am thrilled to be writing about the things we have going on at CUT. I can’t get enough of the opportunities we’ve had and will partake in this year. 
    Let me start by talking about this past weekend at ARROJO Underground. If you’re friends with my hair account on Facebook, I am sure you’re sick of seeing me post about it, but it was such an amazing opportunity that I feel like I need to share it with others. ARROJO Underground is a huge event for hair designers to attend and see 18 groups of presenters show off their craft as they forecast some trends for the year ahead of us. The presenters are always ARROJO employees and have been for the last 14 years of this event. However, I was invited to participate and come up with a collection! THAT is why this is a big deal. I have gotten a lot of exposure to our industry this past weekend because of it. 
    I colabed with another ARROJO Ambassador, Derek of dAnthony Salon up in Nyack NY. We got together and brainstormed, created a video and an entire collection called “Nirvana”. The nostalgia of it got people pumped to begin with, then we killed it on stage. 
    Here are some pics from the event. 
    Again, I am so thankful and feeling so blessed Nick and his team gave me this opportunity. I hope to be able to share a stage again with them soon one day.
    And things to come, lets talk about that! MODERN FETE is RIGHT around the corner and will be a HUGE event full of amazing vendors, mainly based in NYC. This will be an event you won’t want to miss. I mean what the heck, it could be a fun day out with you and your bridesmaids, you and your groom or you and your mom! Tickets have gone on sale and are up for another two weeks. They will also be available at the door for a higher price, but I would get them now to be safe! Please go here and check out the list of Vendors who will be there. I will be there, hosting a braid bar which was a huge hit at the last Modern Fete. I love doing weddings and like I said its an event you won’t want to miss [ps. you can go even if you aren’t getting married lol]. You pay to get in and then there’s free hot pretzels, braids, ice cream and more. Its actually a no-brainer. Oh, and its in one of the hottest places in the city – make a day out of it!
    Heres the link, see you there!: