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    September 2, 2020

    Welcome Back Everyone

    “We are pleased to welcome everyone back to CUT! We reopened our doors on June 22 to what we now know as the “new” standards for operations.
    We missed you while we were closed per the state mandate as a precaution for COVID-19, and we’re thrilled to be back at it now for over two months! During that time we modified some of our practices in the studio to ensure your safety and comfort. If you have not been back into the studio to see us yet, please check out our safety protocol video that highlights the sanitary and safety measures we are taking!

    You are our first concern and we hope to meet your safety needs to make your experience as enjoyable as you remember it! Not only have we taken the time to modify safety procedures, we have also taken the time to revamp our brand and the standards we hold ourselves to.

    You will also notice new faces on our team as we have brought on new designers, Renay & John. Renay has been in the industry for many years as a colorist, cutter and lover of updos. John has been in the industry for over 20 years and has quite the list of credentials. To find out more about these great additions to the CUT team, please visit the bio page right here on our website and then send your appointment request to us or text 501-444-2884 to book!

    We strive to keep you all engaged with us and we will be doing a monthly blog for you to keep you informed on what’s happening at CUT on the floor & behind the scenes! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out to our CUT team at 501-444-2884. We look forward to seeing and serving you! “

    February 8, 2020

    Education and A Few New Faces

    2020 is already off to a great start! CUT has a lot to look forward to this year, both behind the scenes and with all of you!

    Behind the scenes we have a load of education, this may be the largest year we’ve had for education to date. All of our apprentices are in class both with our designers in-studio, and external classes, helping them to grow into a new role at CUT. Designers are constantly in ongoing education opportunities, everything from perfecting the razor craft with Arrojo to Olaplex certifications. A majority of our classes take place in the ever progressing New York City, but this year we also have many opportunities to bring education internally into our home of CUT! Keep up to date with what classes we do right here on our website in the education section.

    You may recognize some friendly new faces when you visit CUT, as well as some familiar faces. We’re glad our team has been expanding and we’ve got an amazing team who is ready to serve you. Check out the bio portion of our website to learn more about each team member and their role at CUT.

    We’re thrilled to announce a few price adjustments across the board here. Lauren got promoted to a Lead Designer in cutting. She is skilled, educated, and knowledgeable. Her passion for hair has set her apart and she continues to rise to the occasion. We’re thankful for her to be a part of our team at CUT!

    With that, you’ll also notice an adjustment on a majority of our pricing. These are small changes to help compensate for the increase in minimum wage, education costs, as well as our state’s inflation.

    We appreciate your support and loyalty to CUT! One thing we take very seriously at CUT is consistency. We do our very best to make sure all of our designers are trained the same, using the same tools and products. It is an art, so each design will vary from designer to designer as they add their own personal touch. However, if you find it challenging to find an appointment with the designer of your choice, or feel as though a Lead designer’s pricing may be too high, we’d still love to serve you! We are all confident you’re getting the best value for each service tier we are priced at, and will help you find the one that’s right for you! Not sure who to go with after reading the bios? Let us set up a consultation with one of our Designers or Lead Designers to find the perfect match for you! These changes will be in effect starting March 1, 2020.

    Lastly, we’ve been nominated for Best Haircut in Hunterdon County for the 6th year in a row. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Please take a moment to vote for us by clicking the link below. This only takes a few seconds and an email:

    We are so excited for this year, and will continue to serve you well. Thank you for choosing CUT artisan. hair. design. for all your hair needs! 🖤


    January 13, 2020

    2020 is HERE!

    2020 is HERE! We opened CUT in 2012… hitting our 8 year mark this upcoming October, its unbelievable that it is closer to a full decade of serving clients in our space then it is the 5 year mark. I’m almost in disbelief about it, and oh so grateful.

    We’ve been waiting to reach this new decade and here we are, what better time to make trend projections then now? It was amazing starting the new year off with the Golden Globe Awards. I’m not huge into award shows, but I see it as a great opportunity to seek out trends on clothing as well as hair for the upcoming months. I’ll share a bit about what I think will stick for at least through Spring of 2020.

    If you watched the Golden Globes [or more importantly the red carpet], you’ll see a lot of the same things as far as attire goes… the hottest celebrities wearing sequins [so. many. sequins.], deep forest green [YES!], and even a more masculine look with the pant suits and one piece jumpsuit [still in sequins]. I understand that I’m talking clothing, not hair, but they go hand-in-hand on some level. The dresses were simple in cut, length, etc. but with that sequin it truly makes that fabric pop. Same goes for hair this year… we will be seeing a lot of “undone” and lived-in hair, but with more of a punch. That punch we’ll be seeing could be in the form of a long curtain bang for the cut, or a pop of more intentional highlighted pieces… not necessarily brighter, but bolder in size or placement. I love that deep forest green color that I was seeing on several celebs on the red carpet. Again, its a color that’s timeless, yet makes a statement.

    Looking at the celebrities hair styles, shorter hair was all the rage. We saw it a few years ago, and we’re seeing it again. Ellen Degeneres had her traditional short hair when she claimed her extra special award, but it had a complete disconnection and undercut. If I’m being frank, its not my favorite look for her, but I admire her boldness. She was just one of several celebs that evening who had a shorter, cropped look. Scarlett Johansen had her hair pulled back in a slick back pony. She looked amazing.. I even turned to Peach and said, “she should just shave her head! It would look great!”. So overall, being a lot of short hair on women, but still feminine.

    Brad Pitt on the other hand. That hair! It may be time for him to get a cut, but of course he wore it well. Lots of male celebrities are getting color services as well. Have you seen the new Justin Bieber… blonde? We love it! So if you’re a man who happens to somehow stumble upon this blog and you’ve been contemplating trying color, now is your time!

    I also just finished reading an article by FoxNews on the grey hair trend and celebrities not only embracing it, but calling it a “right of passage.” I support that. You can see CUT’s instagram for some really natural and beautiful transitions of women who go from years of coloring hair to a change of embracing their God-given silver hue. It may be a bit intimidating for someone to want to take this leap of faith, but we’re sure it can also be extremely empowering and liberating! Scroll through our Instagram to see if this is the right change for you.

    Thats all I’ve got for now as far as trends go! Let us know what you’d like to hear more of and what you’d like to see us post on our IG account in 2020. Happy New Year everyone!


    November 21, 2019

    Winter Arrives at CUT

    Start the countdown: six weeks until Christmas! Who else is overjoyed? Other than the beautiful months of summer, THIS is my time! The music, bright lights, the laughter and family gatherings are what make my heart jump for joy. It’s contagious when you come into CUT. We’re starting the decorating process before Thanksgiving and will have that music bumping the moment we throw our turkey day leftovers in the fridge. The energy that buzzes around the hair studio makes those extra holiday hours some of the best part of this season for me. Creating amazing hair designs in good company while hearing the stories of how you celebrate this season is incredibly life-giving.

    In other exciting news, we are about two weeks into our fall raffle which ends a few days before Thanksgiving. The raffle is simple: with every product you purchase you’re entered to win one of two gift baskets from The Fudge Shoppe [yum]! And we have another raffle starting right after this one ends… its our big one! If you prebook your next appointment [which we know you will anyway] into the new year, you’re entered to win one of MANY prizes. The more appointments you prebook, the more entries you have. We gave away an iPad last year amongst many other prizes, so please make sure to enter!

    Looking back on this fall, Peach & Danielle spent several days in NYC with Nick Arrojo and 75 other salon owners for a weekend of inspiration. It was wonderful to be brushing shoulders with some of the industry’s most talented, and to see what others have been up to. Its encouraging to meet other like-minded individuals and learn from them, or to cheer them on as well.

    The other designers at CUT have also been in a load of education this fall. We typically take a break in November and December, and then pick up again in the new year. We will unveil all we’re doing in 2020 as we get closer to it.

    To keep you in the loop as far as hair trends go, we’re doing more and more of a shadow root technique on our blondes and brunettes alike! It’s more natural looking, still gives you that pop of brightness in the hair, but with more depth. If you’d like to find out more about this look, schedule a consultation with one of our designers or ask about it during your next appointment! It’s a trend you won’t want to miss.

    We hope to see you before this amazing holiday season comes to a close, but if we don’t, we will surely look forward to seeing you next year! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, & Happy new Year!


    May 1, 2019

    Spring is Here

    Spring is here! This has to be my favorite time of the year as it’s always much anticipated in our household. The dark dreary days are no more as our flowers are in full bloom, the leaves are a bright variety of spring time greens, and the sun makes appearances through fluffy clouds and pops of rain. It’s refreshing and renewing. I love having fresh flowers and plants inside and outside sprinkled around every area of my life. This new season is invigorating and really wakes me up! I feel alive, inspired and empowered in all aspects of my day. In fact, the entire CUT team just participated in a photoshoot to show you guys some of the work that we’ve been feeling inspired to create for you, our clients. We designed all summer/fall 2019 trends that were projected from our CUT team.. everything from big bouncy natural curls to a relaxed bend in long, smooth hair. These shoots are great because we can be truly creative, with minimal restriction to show you what gets us excited! A huge thanks to Sam Nichols for her killer photography skills, as always. And shout out to Jaz Delgado for her legit gift of make-up as the guest artist for our annual shoot. Please keep a look out for these images in the weeks to come and hopefully soon in our studio. It’s an honor to be able to use our own hair designs around the studio as art work and on social media. Any photo you see in or around CUT is a product of CUT! Isn’t that neat? I think so.

    Some cool things to update you on.. 
    Majority of the CUT team has been attending loads of classes this year thus far. We LOVE traveling into NYC and Philly for Happy Mondays. Happy Mondays is an event held by Nick Arrojo and his team to show cut, color, and American Wave techniques. We hear about new ways to use our favorite products, watch demos, and come back to our work week ready for anything! One of our own designers, Meredith, actually had the opportunity to model for Nick himself as he demoed a sassy short haircut on her! It was fun for all of us to watch and for her to have that experience. Ask us what we learned next time you’re in!

    Here is a fun reminder and a little bit of an update! With every visit to CUT artisan. hair. design. You’ll receive a COMPLIMENTARY beverage of your choice from Hardy’s Coffee Bar, which is right next door. You’ll see when you are getting your hair done that there has been some incredible additions to Hardy’s Spring Menu which is located at every client station. Along with these beverage additions, you can add a pastry item to your visit for a small fee and a heightened experience during your visit! If you haven’t tried their baked goods yet, I would highly recommend you do. My two favorites are the Orange Cranberry Scone and the Crushed Blueberry Muffin! Try them out and let us know what you think!
    Please make sure to stay in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be able to see all the fun Spring trends as well as prom and wedding hair! Get out, enjoy the weather and make sure to ask us how to prep your hair for the change of seasons. We look forward to seeing and serving you soon!
    -Danielle Hardy

    April 1, 2019

    Best Haircut in Hunterdon County 2019!

    THANK YOU to every one of you who voted for CUT artisan. hair. design. to win the title of “Best Haircut in Hunterdon County!” We are honored to announce CUT holds the title of Hunterdon Happening’s Best Haircut in Hunterdon County for the 5th year in a row. We are humbled by the community’s votes and thankful to Hunterdon Happening for hosting.
    These milestones have pushed us to reflect and we ask the question, “what has helped us achieve this title?” Of course we strive to be the best in our craft, use the most sought after tools, products, and education that our industry offers, but that is only the surface to our success. Our true success lies in focusing on the first part of our mission statement, “to love and serve,” and to practice this to whomever walks through our door. This is our foundation. As we continue to focus on this principle of our mission statement, our success will grow as our clients continue to get the love they deserve through our service.
    -Peach & Danielle Hardy