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    April 8, 2016

    Dreams of California

    Happy Spring to all of our CUT family – old and new! I’d like to introduce myself because I’m pretty new as well. My name is Lauren, I have been the apprentice here since January. I may have greeted you at the door or shampooed your hair.
    I’m super excited about the warm, beautiful weather in our future and even more excited about the spring fashion forecast. When I think about spring/summer hair, I tend to look towards the West Coast for inspiration because, lets be honest, they pretty much have spring weather for a majority of the year.
    My absolute FAV trend right now is bangs! Yes, the thought may scare you, but hear me out. First of all, texture is IN. So curly girls can breathe a sigh of relief because this bang trend covers vast territory. Gone are the days where every hair on your head needs to be in place. Lets face it, your hair is going to do what it wants to do anyway so stop fighting it and go with the flow. Think California…. Ok, back to bangs! My favorite fringe is naturally the short, textured, almost “baby bangs”. We went to the Arrojo Summit in March and learned an awesome technique that is so fun and cutting edge. It will make you the trendiest person in town with just a few glides of the razor! If you’re not into short bangs, just pick the length that will suit you. The side swept bang will pretty much always be around, its a great way to add low maintenance interest to your haircut and soften your face.
    A lot of the shorter fringes are being shown in this past fall’s beautiful “lob” [long bob]. But the awesome news is that the spring lobs are very textured and deconstructed. Throw a few curling iron curls in there or style naturally and you’re good to go – right on trend. My FAVORITE tip I picked up from Arrojo in March was to use the Shine Luxe Conditioner as a leave-in styling product for curls. Besides the obvious moisture blast, the consistency of the conditioner is perfect to tame frizz, but still give a beautiful weightless style when naturally dried. With the NJ summer humidity right on the horizon, the frizz is inevitable and being armed with the correct products will save you loads of aggravation.
    Before I leave you dreaming of bangs and curls, don’t ignore the super fun fashion color trend that is here to stay for a while. The deeper fall colors are being traded for muted, pastel tones like mossy greens, baby pinks, and lilacs. But again, the rules are out the window and a bold hot pink, blue or red panel in your hair will turn heads and refresh any hairstyle you have going on. Whether you’re a professional, college student, or stay at home mom, ask us how we can incorporate this trend into your style. All these colors also look beautiful and almost boho as they fade throughout the summer.
    After leaving you with all that to think about, I’ll sign off! Happy Spring [finally!!]. Peace, love and California vibes.
    March 7, 2016

    In Like a Lion…

    So many cool things going on inside CUT and around the Flemington community this Spring!

    I had a few amazing opportunities these last two months. To start off, some photos from the last blog post were featured on Allure’s website just a few weeks ago. As I ended a four month online class focusing on editorial hair, my hair design was chosen by Allure as 1 of 10 out designers of 800 in my class to be featured. What an honor this was! You can check out the Allure post here:


    Also in CUT, we want you to head over to our “Team” page and meet some of the newest members of our team, Alex & Lauren. You’ll be seeing their faces in the business everyday and you’ll love them- thats a promise! Rumor has it that Lauren gives the best shampoo in town. She won’t be shampooing everyone for long, as she is going to be behind the chair within the next quarter. Make sure to come in and meet her.

    Theres lot of cool things going on in the community as well. I’m sure a lot of you have been seeing updates on the Union Hotel project, which means there will be another reason to hang out downtown after you get your hair done. Until then, Chic-Fil-A… equally as exciting.

    Ladies, spring is here and we have some trend projections: Bright colors. If you’re a brunette, ask us about balayage to break your base and add some dimension. We’re seeing more and more people going lighter. Blondes, get a pop of lightness around your face to brighten it up just a bit. Think of it as “contouring” the hair to add depth and make it appear fuller.
    Feeling drab? Ask us about our creative colors! Pastels for the blondes and bright vivid for the brunettes. It’s a beautiful trend that is going to be around for a while, so jump on the bandwagon.

    Looking forward to springing into summer with you. [Get my pun?] Hah, Happy March!

    January 28, 2016

    Trend Alert and How To

    2016 Is a year all about not only accepting your natural beauty, but embracing it. I recently did a shoot for a class I am taking with our lovely photographer, Sam Nichols. I had to create a trend report for 2016 Spring/Summer Allure Magazine. I figured, okay, so this won’t be posted in Allure, but I may as well share the photos and trend predictions with my very own clientele.

    I’m seeing natural hair be embraced more and more, however, perfected and having that envelope pushed a little further than before. What do I mean by that? The carefree look of the 90’s is in, but that doesn’t mean we just don’t do our hair or make up, it’s minimalistic. The truth is: that messy bun plopped on top of a models head really took longer than you had hoped which is why it’s challenging to recreate it at home. So in 2016 I see hair being created to make a statement, even when it’s looking “undone” it’s still “done”.
    In this photo, my beautiful client and model, Vanessa shows off a polished look to her natural texture. There is very minimal product in her hair and I touched up a majority of her head with a tiny half inch curling iron. So, it’s basic, it’s minimal, but it’s expanded. This is where the envelope gets pushed.. Basic curls, but that shape is outstanding. A little bit fuller, a little more wild yet still having a natural feeling to the hair. After, we took a few shots of blowing some artificial wind through her hair we took her outside with a slightly tweaked look.
    A lot of us rolled our eyes when we first started seeing top knots (I know I did!). But then it grows on you and makes sense. The hair is still down, which for me is comfortable and removed from your face at the same time – with slightly more effort than a clip going on top of your head.
    So to achieve this look, I took a very large wide tooth comb (which you can purchase from CUT if needed), to loosen up her tight curls. I then roughed up her texture a bit with Arrojo’s ReFinish Dry Shampoo (also available at CUT) and sprayed throughout her entire head. This rougher texture will help hold the hair in a top knot position.
    I sectioned off a horseshoe section starting above the rounds of the head, all the way back to the top of the crown, then tied the hair on the top of her head right above the crown. I then took the hair straight up and started twisting it until that hair coiled within itself. Using no more than 5 bob pins, I pinned the self coiled top knot in place allowing to have some pieces sticking out to enhance the overall theme of natural texture.
    So no matter what kind of texture you have, doing a similar top knot is certainly achievable. Let those bangs grow a bit. Have straight hair? That’s okay because this look is so versatile that it would work! During your next visit ask us about how to achieve the look or one similar if it’s not “for you”. Welcome to 2016, it’s going to be a good one for hair!

    January 13, 2016

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! What a year it has been, just in my own life and in the hair studio. When I sit back and reflect on 2015, through the fire and the trials as well as the beauty, I can only claim I’ve come out victorious. Challenges arise so we can overcome them and come out on top, not to simply screw with our day’s agenda. There were also so many beautiful days without a struggle, and those I count as blessings of course.
    With anticipation for what’s to come, I’m jumping into 2016. I know it’s just a flip of the calendar, but we can assign meaning to anything we want to. And I choose to make each year a fresh start and a new beginning.
    With that, I’ll tie it into my little world of hair. Here at CUT you’ll be seeing some new faces (as well as some seasoned ones) in and around the studio. These lovely ladies and gentlemen are eager to get to know you more and serve you while you visit us. We have a lovely CUT family and want you to be a part of it, even if it’s only for an hour once every 8 weeks. Keep an eye out for these guys and get to know them, true gems, every one of them!
    I always love the cliché saying of “new year, new you”, apparently so does every other beauty, body and mind business out there. However, in the short few weeks I’ve been working during 2016, I’ve had the privilege of making that cheesy saying a reality for a few beautiful people. Sometimes I can live vicariously through my clients when they take the plunge and go for a huge, bold move of cutting their hair off or completely changing their color. It can be a wonderfully liberating act to give yourself a tweak in your appearance. I would love to encourage you to think about it. Not ready to change your cut? That’s okay, come in and ask us how to achieve a different style with the cut you have! We love change.
    New year means change, so help us welcome our new team members and try something new with your hair! We may also have some other *new* things for you to check out during your visit as well. We are very excited to love and serve you in 2016!

    November 5, 2015

    Holiday Hair is Near!

    Happy New Year everyone! We are movin’ & groovin’ over here at CUT! This past month the entire CUT team got together to travel to New York for the Arrojo Hair Expo. Of course we gathered together for a delicious meal beforehand. Yum!
    This year, the expo was held at a hip club in Brooklyn. It was a night filled with other hair designers, food, drinks, dancing, and the most enjoyable part…some amazing hair! There were 3 creative looks: Pop Art, Retro, and Gothic inspired. There was quite a variety with the hair/dress/makeup which made it all the more fun to look at! Overall, it was an enjoyable and extremely inspiring evening together.
    Julianne, Danielle, Peach and I went into the city earlier Sunday & then again on Monday for a class. We learned multiple techniques, runway styling, hair cutting, hair painting, and American wave! So, needless to say, I am feeling not only inspired, but also rejuvenated and refreshed. We are all excited for this next season!
    Holiday hair! It’s quickly approaching & we would love a visit from you. Give us a call to make your appointment. It’s booking up quickly! We hope to see you soon!

    September 28, 2015


    October is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s a big one here at CUT. On the 16th marks my 28th birthday and our three year anniversary of being open. We’re celebrating in big ways and also giving back.

    So on October 16th we will be at the studio all day.. We will be doing hair and celebrating in some way, so make sure to pop in and say hello to us on that special day!

    October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness month. As some of you may know, I lost my mom to a long battle of breast cancer. I’ve been wanting to do something in her honor for years, and I’m finally taking that leap! This disease has taken out way too many awesome people and we need to fight together for a cure.

    What’s CUT going to do about it? During the entire month starting on the 1st and going until Halloween, for every service provided in the studio $1 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation- from CUT.  (i.e.: if you get a cut, color, and  eyebrow wax that’s $3 because it’s per service, not per person!)

    We will also be taking donations all month long! There are no minimums or max limits you can donate to the organization. 100% of the money will be donated, CUT will keep none of it. For every donation made, you’ll automatically be entered to win one of three awesome CUT gift baskets which include: products, brushes, gift certificates and more! If you’re a client of CUT you can pop in throughout the month and donate for a chance to win and participate- no need for an October appointment. Mel and Joanna will be taking cash and credit card donations at the time of your checkout process at the reception desk.

    The whole team is honored to be putting on a fundraiser like this and look forward to fighting for a cure with our community!

    Danielle Hardy