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    November 26, 2014


    How has it already been one month since I have written a blog? How is it that tomorrow is the eve of Thanksgiving? I’m not complaining, [I love this season] but it’s hard not to wonder where the time goes.

    Reason one [of many] why Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays is because it’s simply a time of reflection. What am I thankful for? Cliche, but c’mon, this life is tough enough and we all need to add as much joy and optimism as possible! Since this is a blog on a Hair Studio website we can keep with the theme. I am thankful for my innovation and creativity that drives my business every day. I am thankful for a wonderful team of ladies who I can share those gifts with. I am thankful for my beautiful clients who trust me enough to let those creative juices flow each time they come and see me. Glory be to God for providing all the above, but props to those who support me as well!

    These next 30 days between now and Christmas are a whirlwind. Decorating, parties, gifts, wrapping, looking good, shopping, eating, exercising, entertaining… the list goes on. So here we are, able to help you with a few of those things listed. Alyssa, our brilliant Client Relations Leader and current Manager of CUT thought up a clever idea of a “gift grabber”. She packaged together a variety of products you could purchase for your loved ones [men and/or women] to fulfill each of their needs! For example just a few packages we offer are “Moisturizing” or “Men’s Shave”. It would be all the essentials you’d need to aid in achieving your desired look! Not only that, but when you’re buying it in this glorious bundle you’re basically getting one product for free because of all the savings. Don’t have anyone to buy it for? What the heck, buy yourself one, you deserve it.
    We also have gift certificates that can be used for any amount you’d like to write them out for. Perfect for stocking stuffers or dropping a hint to the co-worker who just needs a little extra loving! We will be working all of our normal business hours this month, with the addition of Monday Dec. 22 from 3-8pm. and even Christmas Eve from 10am-2pm! 🙂 Drop in whenever!

    One last thing, but super cool. Nick Arrojo is visiting CUT again! Dec. 3 from 9am-12pm he will be arriving and providing a bit of product education to our team as well as consulting with 15 lucky CUT guests. We are thrilled to have him back to Flemington for the second time this year and look forward to another big day as it is swiftly approaching! I’ll make sure to post a few photos!

    Thank you for all your support during this season – you sure do more than you think you do in helping us get through it! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

    October 2, 2014

    October Trends and Julianne!

    October is here already?! Its shocking to just type it out here on the computer. Anyway, I am feeling incredibly inspired by the gorgeous fall foliage we’re seeing and the crisp, cool air we’re feeling.

    As most of you know, CUT just hosted its second annual CUT Trend Event! What a brilliant night. How incredibly exciting it was sharing the stage with lead hair designers Nick Arrojo, Tim Duenas, Brian Grieves and the rest of our team! Our event was hosted at the Stangl Factory space next to our newest endeavor, Factory Fuel Co. right in Flemington, NJ. Blue Fish Grill catered the event while Grape Finale assisted us in serving the wine we bottled and labeled over at their facility! We started the night with Nick and Tim showcasing some cool trends and giving some styling advice that our guests could take home with them.
    The second half of the evening was spent with Jess and myself [Danielle] on the stage with a high energy runway walk with four models. Our models were inspired by the old testament women in the Bible. We took our inspiration and turned it into some beautiful, creative looks to share with our guests. The evening ended with the talented Eric Mintel Quartet so we could continue mingling and carrying out the night!
    Thank you to everyone who came out to join us on this special night and to those of you who made it all possible!



    October is a fun month for us. We will be celebrating our two year anniversary on my 27th birthday: October 16th. These two years FLEW by! So many wonderful blessings have come our way. As we launch into this new season, I am pleased to announce Julianne as our newest colorist officially on the floor! She is CUT certified to serve all our guests in all color services now! We have slowly been building her over the last several months, and she tested out last Tuesday with flying colors [no pun intended]! We are proud to have her step up to that next level and are confident in her ability to provide exceptional service.
    As I sit here and type this, I have my sliding glass door open with a beautiful soft breeze flowing through the screen. I love this time of year as far as trends go. I have been darkening many of my colors as we dive into fall. This year I am seeing lots of reds, golds and rich chocolate browns. However, I have also been doing a fair share of cooler shades as well, which I am loving. On Saturday I painted a dark ash brown base onto one of my gorgeous clients and painted a very cool ash blonde on her ends to create a cool ombre. Very happy with the results, I am hoping to have the opportunity to do this look again!
    Hoping to see you all soon and hoping you enjoy this beautiful season!
    July 11, 2014

    Summer Trends and The Event Of The Year

    Summer is breezing right past us! It’s hard to believe that July is winding down and before you know it we will be stepping into Fall! I sincerely hope everyone is taking full advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with thus far.

    With Fall approaching quickly, we are stoked to announce that we will be hosting another CUT trend event this September! Mark your calendars for Sept. 26 at 7pm. We’re hosting a high energy, cat-walk event right at the Stangl Factory in Flemington! Keep an eye out for sneak peeks, updates, and videos to give hints to this year’s classiest event! Ticket presale will be available shortly! Only 200 spots, so make sure you and your friends get the tickets before they’re gone!

    Fortunately we have been blessed with an abundant amount of new guests to the studio the past few months. How great it has been to see new faces and get to know the person under the hair. With that, my book has filled up tremendously and I only have you to thank. Until further notice, I will no longer be taking new guests in my book, however, Jess has very gifted hands and is more then capable of providing a great service for anyone. We believe that this will hopefully increase the opportunity for my loyal guests to schedule appointments with more ease. Also, we will be closed August 2-9 and will reopen on Tuesday, August 12. And apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I am really looking forward to a little vacation time!

    As for the hair department of my blog, I want to talk about trends. Trends are basically a general direction of which something is changing or developing. I love everything that is trending right now for both ladies and gentlemen. Ladies, the soft, natural lines and natural texture in a haircut are super hot right now [rather then blunt lines, straight hair] I have been using my razor to create a lot of these looks. Which is ironic because I am finding the opposite with the gents. A lot of fades, the classic 50’s in-place-just-so-look with a generous amount of Imperial product to keep it in place seems to be what the gents have been asking for. Both of these designs I am totally digging this summer!
    As far as color goes, foils are almost a thing of the past! To go along with the soft, natural texture of the haircuts, we have been doing a lot of free-hand painting [also know as balayage] for a beautiful pop of color, with more of a muted effect rather then the result with foils [which I still love]. It’s a striking, subtle way to enhance a great haircut! Feel free to ask either Jess or I about scheduling some hair painting to brighten your summer for your next appointment!

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon, remember to enjoy the wonderful days that are now upon us! Before you know it, we will all be complaining about the 30 degree days and snow covered grounds. Happy Summer!

    With Love,


    May 11, 2014

    Love and Listening

    On a regular basis, I normally find myself up late at night, fumbling round on social media and grasping for something to take my mind to a place it hasn’t been all day. A normal day for me is typically consumed with mirrors, brushes, mousse, scissors and hair. Its refreshing to skim through Pintrest or Etsy to focus on other things I love just as much as mylove for hair. I don’t think life will ever not be about hair for me though. I often find a way back to skimming through some of the hottest hair trends on Pintrest, or notice a celebrity’s new do, really without even trying.

    Tonight I had a realization. I realized that I am so blessed to have the opportunity to talk about what I do proudly, yet in humility. How great it is that my job is more then a job for me, its a passion. It does consume my mind, my time and my life, but I don’t really mind it. I have a job that is driven by the desire of creating something beautiful on someone beautiful to make them feel incredible. I am thankful people even ask how I am doing, how business is going. A lot of people in my life genuinely care about how things in my life are going, and I am thankful for that. After all, this is the world around me that I have created, and I am very happy inside of it.

    As I work behind the chair this week, I would like to be more intentional about listening, truly listening. I’d love to be fully present with each and every person in every conversation that happens, whether its someone in my chair, or an employee at work, or the UPS man dropping off our latest order of color. Our time is short and our mission is simple. People want to be loved, appreciated, encouraged, heard, a part of something bigger then themselves. I am called to make people feel like this, in every walk of their life. We may in one way or another be called to this difficult task, So I challenge you to attempt this one out with me. This week I am going to try to live it out. Please have grace on me when I fall short of my goal, and help me make a new goal when I meet this one. Have grace on yourself, and strive what you can do to be the change you want to see.

    February 24, 2014

    Hey guys! Happy February!… Almost March! This is officially my first blog!

    Hi! I am Jess ,
    I have been so blessed to have joined in the CUT team this past August. I have gotten to meet many of you since then, and look forward to meeting all of you. It has been a blessing being a part of this team to say the least.
    So! … I would like to share two highlights that are un-hair related from this past year. I am married, my man’s name is Chris, and he is a  fantastic man. We love the outdoors, adventures, and traveling. One place we hoped to visit together was Israel.  Guess what!? A trip opportunity with some friends arose. We got to go this past November. I am very thankful, and feel very blessed. Another fun highlight, we got to go back country backpacking out in Wyoming = it was beautiful.

    Back to hair!
    We have an Exciting year in store. Danielle and I are looking forward to our education this year, and its already begun! I got the pleasure of going to Arrojo in NYC for a two day cut and color inspiration class, and boy were they inspiring. It was a wonderful way to start off my year here. Next up is men’s 2 day cutting classes at Arrojo, And Danielle will be in NYC for the International Beauty Show! Spring is around the corner, and even with all of this snow you guys have been SUCH troopers making it over and letting us get our hands on your lovely hair. Thank you guys for being such wonderful clients!

    Items I just have to chat about –
    Since beginning here I have gotten my hands on some amazing hair tools. One of then being our bio-ionic blow dryer , and holy cow I am in love . It is a perfect weight and size in my opinion and I have been enjoying using it . We do sell them in our studio and we offer a 2 year warranty.  Also, if I have gotten to play with your hair, most likely you have heard about our brushes we carry. Because well, quite honestly I am hooked. They are boar’s hair bristle and we have difference sizes. Great thing about this bristle is that it takes your natural hair oils and distributes them evenly throughout, which helps hydrate and smooth down frizz. Depending on size , medium is my favorite. If you are desiring a nice fancy bouncy finish.

    If any of you ever want blow out tips or tricks we would love to chat with you, check out your hair and try to best to help you if you have certain questions.  Anyways. I hope each of you have an awesome day. Oh! Important! If you have been in the studio and had a good experience while you were here, please like us on Facebook.

    Also, if you have been in and have not had a five -star experience – please contact . I would love to hear your feedback and what we can do to improve your time here, so please email me at I would love to connect with you and work toward making your next time a five star visit.

    Hope you have a blessed day


    December 20, 2013

    Ringing in the New Year at CUT

    Can’t believe 2014 is already around the corner! What a beautiful year 2013 was for CUT! We have new team members, had an amazing Arrojo event, celebrated 1 year of being open and so much more… thanks to you!

    We welcomed a few new people to our team, who you’ll meet when you visit the studio soon. As you walk in the front door you’ll be greeted by Alyssa, our newest client-relations team member. You may already be familiar with her from confirming your appointments and checking in on things with the texting services as well as responding to phone calls. Julianne is apprenticing under the designers right now and training to be a designer in the future. You’ll see her working diligently around the studio, assisting the designers, learning and keeping the studio nice and clean. Soon she will start being more hands-on as well! Also, I am super stoked to introduce you to Jess, our newest designer. She is super talented and has already jumped right in! She is currently taking appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Check out her bio in the “Why” section to learn more about Jess and her craft

    With that, I have a new and exciting bio page too you can check out!

    2014 will bring all new things. Take a moment to surf around on our updated website as some things are new and improved. Also if you’d like to take some time and look over our updated Menu, you’ll notice some small changes there as well. The updated menu will be in effect as of January 1, 2014.

    As you may know, the CUT artisan. hair. design. team loves giving back, whether it is for a smaller scale, local cause, or something more global. We are gearing up for our annual participation in “Feed the Need” which will fall at the end of March this year. Feed the Need is an event held on the grounds of our church (South Ridge Community Church of Clinton) where thousands of volunteers pack meals for starving people in a third world country. It’s a beautiful event where you can really have a chance to be hands on and make a difference and save lives! Once again, we are sponsoring this amazing event seeing as we are very passionate and involved in Feed the Need. This year will be bigger than ever and we need your help! The church is committed to packaging 1 million meals. With that large of a number, it’s not cheap to provide the materials needed to package the meals. CUT has pledged to raise $2,500 to help get these meals out as well as put together a team! Here’s how you can help – As soon as the early registration starts in January,  you’ll be able to make a donation of any amount that goes directly to this cause. Make sure to find the “CUT” team to donate under our name 🙂 -You can join the “CUT” team! We will have a huge team put together to serve on a Sunday in March to pack boxes. You can even fundraise under your name which will be added to the CUT team pledge. -Spread the word. Since this year is bigger than ever, we encourage you to tell your friends, family, coworkers, ect. about the event and tell them how they can help! Post our link on facebook, twitter ect. to create a buzz and get more people interested in Feed the Need!

    We really appreciate all your support in 2013, its been a fun year! We truly are looking forward to seeing and serving each one of you come the New Year! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!